Friday, October 1, 2010

More... Smiley!

Oh, Arizona Robbins...

If you smile at me like that, you could decorate my place any way you want. You can paint rainbows, bunnies, and butterflies anywhere and everywhere. I'll have a house full of dogs and chickens. Heck, I'd even bottom for you. (I recently had an argument about who's on top/bottom with Calzona. If you've paid any attention, we all know Arizona's a top. Really.)

After all of these months, Calzona is finally U-Hauling it up. Took 'em long enough. I actually had assumed that they were living together since Arizona was always over.

But Callie's right...

She did try to skip steps and go from dating to babies. Now that's more lesbionic.

Anyways, they're adorable. Love. Them.

And now that I'm caught up with Calzona, I can move on to the next important TV lezzie couple on my list: Naomily on Skins.

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