Friday, April 6, 2012

It Gets Better, Part Deux

On the heels of panel discussion led by four LGBT students (all of whom I love) at BYU, but also unfortunately on the heels of another gay LDS suicide is this:

I almost wasn't in this. In the planning stages of the video, way back in October/November, I had an internal debate of whether I should be in it. After I filmed my portion in December, for months I debated whether or not I should email the amazing man in charge of compiling the video and making it beautiful, and tell him I just can't be in it. I seriously had a few sleepless nights over it where I thought, "ML, you ignorant slut! It doesn't get better!" And every time I would think, "No, this is a good thing." And I thought of my Twitter followers and my blog. Because it's one thing to anonymously spout things off about what I believe in and to say I care about an issue, but it's another to actually publicly stand up for what you believe in. And I do not like the relationship that my two communities (the LGBT community and the LDS community) often have. I mean, that's why I picked the name "MormonLesbian" for my blog/Twitter/etc. (well, I'm also uncreative). I wanted to help bridge these two communities and make at least one person think, "Not all Mormons are bad." or "Not all gay people are bad." So, to make a short story long, I decided to just be in the video. Even though I'm still a little nervous about who in my life sees it, not gonna lie.

And then I watched the video. And I immediately thought three things:
1. Why am I standing like that? It gives me a double chin...
2. I'm sure we are going to get flak from Mormon extremist jerks (Sons of Liberty, *cough*), but I really don't see how they can watch that video and not feel the Spirit and see that these are some really amazing and good people. I really do think they are the ones that need to pray more and read their scriptures, not us.
3. Well, it wasn't really a thought, but I was just really happy. And proud of all of my adorable friends in the video. Seriously, they are amazing.

Anywho, watch it again!

Also, I want to start blogging more regularly again. Any requests for future posts? :)