Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Favorite R&I Scenes: The Pilot

I needed an excuse to re-watch Rizzoli & Isles. Not that I need one... Well, I guess I really needed an excuse to post about Rizzoli & Isles. Not that I need one there either... Anywho, I wanted a fun activity for procrastinating some work so I decided to post about my 10 favorite R&I scenes, but I knew I would never be able to narrow down my selection unless I picked one scene per episode, and even that proved impossible.

So, here's "See One, Do One, Teach One"

You may be surprised that my favorite scene isn't this one:
Or maybe you aren't surprised... Shoot, I don't know your life. I am a fan of the bed scene, of course... It's "just special, original, magical, squeals of joy," but it's just not favorite. I mean, they are talking about who gets to date a boy... Who wants that?

And then there's the "tuna sharing" scene... I do love this scene. Yeah, yeah, there is the obvious metaphor of tuna=well, you know... But, personally, I'm all about the 'sexy scientist' look Miss Dr. Maura Isles was rockin'.
*Maura's Face: Ooh, Jane's here!
Seriously? So hot... and I'm talking about Maura... not the picture of the dead chick...
*The sharing of the tuna... *cough* *wink*
*Delicioso! (The 'delicioso' is for Jane eating the tuna... not about Agent Dean's entrance... ew, put that away).
*Can we talk about Agent Dean's face/reaction to the tuna real quick? Is this still going off of the tuna metaphor? If so, maybe that further explains the lack of chemistry between him and Jane... just sayin'
Jane: Guess it's a chick thing.
Yeah, yeah, chick=lesbian, blah, blah, it's been almost a year and we have already beaten all of these jokes to death.
*And Dean has to ruin the light atmosphere of tuna sharing with news of Hoyt's escape. (I didn't feel I needed to put a screencap of him talking because we don't want to look at him... well, I don't...)
Note the fact that Jane needs to wipe a little tuna residue off her mouth... (You can really see it if you click on the picture to enlarge, which is a reminder I haven't given in many a-posts)
*Sad Jane
*And then Jane and Maura share a look. Maura's concerned for Jane and Jane is scared. I'm convinced that if Dean weren't there, this would have ended in a tender embrace between the two. Actually, who am I to say that didn't happen?

For me, the first crime scene is just more favorite. Side Note: Yeah, I know I've been abusing the word 'favorite,' and if you don't get it, it's because you've never seen/heard Brian Regan's bit about Little League and sno cones...
The first crime scene is when a lot of people started shipping the two. And there is the obvious sexual tension. On top of all that, this is the first thing I screencapped in my life... I screencapped this episode first on the TNT website, which --lemme tell ya-- is really difficult to do and can be a pain. Actually, I thought it was really fun and had a whole system for doing it (because I'm a little bit OCD, but who isn't), but it was time-consuming and involved watching the scene over and over... and over.
Jane is surveying the body and Maura is... "surveying the body" *wink* well, minus the wink... It wasn't sexy and she was really just looking at her face with an expression that says, "What the hell is that?" which is really more rude than sexy...
*Maura: I can fix that for you... for a price *wink* (Well, that's what she would say in the porno version of this scene...)
*The best part is that Korsak has no idea what's going on and thinks they are still talking about the body. That actually always bugged me that when Maura talks about Jane's hairline fracture to the nose, Korsak doesn't catch that Maura is obviously not talking about the dead guy because his nose is fine... but whatevs...
*Can we just look at how Jane looks at Maura? Precious, right?
*Maura: Let's do "yoga" together because sex injuries are way hotter.

*And then Dean walks in, which starts the whole sharing stolen glances bit...

Ending with Jane's "You're leaving?" face
Jane: Sad face...
Plus, Maura was super saucy right there behind Dean's back...

I mean, seriously, this whole scene made anyone with even the crappiest gaydar go, "Wait a second... What's going on here?" Or what my mom said, "Are they more than just friends?"

So, what's your favorite scene and why from the pilot? And this question is probably directed only at Nikki since she'll probably be the only person who will comment. And yes, that was totally me fishing for comments right there and asking for you to prove me wrong :D

Friday: Grey's Musical Recap!!!
Sunday: Hopefully I'll have a Sunday Post... as last week it just didn't happen.
And I have no idea when I'll post the next installment of this new post series... I already have the screencaps for it so it should be up next week some time :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a Good Thing I Have No Shame...

Sooo, my MormonLesbian Twitter account came about because I found Sasha Alexander on Twitter... And this happened:
Note: This was my first tweet.
Note #2: This was before I knew that she read all of her tweets...
Side Note: I was embarrassed for about two days. And then I stopped caring because, shoot, MormonLesbian can do whatever she wants.

Also, I didn't have a Sunday Post, BUT there is a ton of Sara Ramirez going on in the world. She's doing a ton of interviews and her E.P. came out yesterday.

Amazing, right?
There are four songs and it's about $4 on iTunes. Get it.

Body of Proof premieres on Tuesday.
I'm posting this for @neggett's sake. It's my autographed Dana Delany pic!!!
Those legs... WOW

Also, Grey's Musical is on Thursday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

On a Serious Note...

This is the kind of post that I promised myself never to write. It's serious, a little heavy, and -in my opinion- a tad self-masturbatory. Before I started writing my blog, I didn't like seeing all of the angsty blogposts that fill the blogosphere because they just made me depressed. And who wants that? But this post has been weighing on me for awhile now, especially this past week <--Note: I wrote that and most of this post last week...
Also, this is written: quite simplistically, a bit matter-of-fact, and not very well--all of which I do apologize for.

This past weekend (once again, I wrote this last week...) was the anniversary of when a man came into my dorm and sexually assaulted me. Yeah, there really is no way to water that down without completely cheapening it. It was two days after my birthday, I had just saw my sister off to her shuttle to the airport, and I was getting ready for church. My roommate had left our door unlocked on her way to church, which gave him means to just walk in, come up behind me in the bathroom, and hit me over the head.
No, my roommate is not an idiot. She rarely ever left the door unlocked and she thought I would be leaving for church in less than fifteen minutes.
No, there wasn't enough time to react to seeing a stranger's face in my mirror. A friend, upon hearing this story (well, minus a few details that if she had heard, would have likely made her a little less insensitive), said she'd never let this happen to her because she would have just kicked his ass. I barely saw him before I blacked out. He was prepared and I wasn't.
Yes, this is the real reason why it's so difficult for me to get myself to church.

Two days later, I called my mom, well, she called me out of concern from having not heard from me. I told her what had happened. I then called the police.
No, I didn't want to tell my mom or the police. I didn't want sympathy. I didn't want to make a whole big thing out of it. And I wanted to turn back with each second on the line.
However, I felt obligated to call the police for two reasons:
1. The safety of the other girls in my dorm.
2. After you experience hearing your mother breakdown screaming and crying at work in front of everyone (which is the most heart-breaking thing in the world), you'll do anything she asks.
No, I really didn't want to. However, this wasn't the first time something like this had happened to me and I was kind of tired of doing nothing about it.

I sat, waited, and put on my brave face, because I was not going to cry... I had never cried in front of a person that wasn't immediate family and I sure as hell wasn't about to start that day. I was not going to have that taken away from me. So, when the detective came, I answered the questions I was asked with a smile on my face. I made small talk. I was a delight. This was all easy for me because I had still blocked most of the experience out. So, I told him what I knew, which wasn't much. I was getting ready for church, I saw a man in my mirror (not like Michael Jackson...), and I blacked out.
No, none of this was easy.
No, I never used the 'r' word. I wasn't about to make assumptions when I really wasn't clear about anything.

The detective took me to the hospital and the small talk continued. I don't even remember what they did there. I think blood was drawn. I think I peed in a cup. I do remember pretending to read a Newsweek when I really was just staring blankly at the pages. Somehow afternoon faded into night and I ended up in a small room in a building across from the hospital. Two volunteers from the Women's Services at BYU had been called out of bed to sit with me until my mom showed up.
Yes, it was awkward.

Then I had my first gynecological exam. Swabs and samples were taken. Pictures were taken of every inch of my body. The scratches on my neck and the occasional bruise were noted. My mom and I smiled at each other, each of us trying to keep positive and happy for the sake of the other. A handful of pills were thrust at me with instructions. My blood work would be back shortly, but these were just in case I had contracted something.
No, I didn't sleep that night. Simply because I couldn't remember what had happened and I didn't want to, especially not when my mother was in the same room.

Honestly, the worst part of the experience for me was what happened the next day. A new detective was "in charge" of me. The one from the day before was nice and treated me like a normal person. With the new one, I was the guilty party in his eyes. A constant sneer was plastered on his face and the condescension in his voice was like a baseball bat to the gut. First, it was my fault. How did I usually dress? Did I often leave my blinds open? Why did I leave the door unlocked? Why couldn't I remember everything that had happened? Why did I wait so long to call the police? Then, I was a liar. According to him, sex hurts a lot for a woman when she's a virgin. Apparently when the secretary at the station got married and had sex, she was in a lot of pain the next day. It almost seemed like he thought that sexual intercourse is the only thing that can happen when a man sexually assaults you. I reminded him that I still wasn't clear on what had happened and I had never claimed that I was raped. More suspicion. Why couldn't I remember everything that had happened? Then my years of struggling with depression became very relevant. Were the scratches and bruises self-inflicted? Was I just starved for attention? Did I just want to drop out of school and go home? Finally, he said, "You know, it's a criminal offense to lie to the cops about this sort of thing. If you want to take it all back right now, we'll all just forget about it."
No, I wasn't lying. But even if I had, I personally don't believe that's how you should talk to a person. And lying about this would be just as serious and concerning.
Yes, I did start second-guessing myself. What if this didn't happen and I'm putting everyone through this for no reason?
Yes, I actually did blame myself for awhile. To be honest, I still carry around a burden of guilt for putting my parents through it.
No, I don't regret telling the police what had happened; however, I did for a long time. The experience did help me put together what had happened for myself. It also made the girls in my dorm and girls throughout BYU more vigilant in reporting suspicious people and in keeping their doors locked.

I don't really know why I have felt so pressed to write this post. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I wrote this a week ago. After I wrote it, I felt better and thought that I could settle with just having it written. But then it still didn't leave me alone. So, I'm just going to put it out there.
Yes, I do finally remember what happened.
No, I still don't know who the guy was.
Yes, I'm oddly grateful this happened to me and not to my roommate.

No, I still haven't gotten completely past the times I've been a "victim" (I kind of hate that word) and I don't think I ever will. I've had years of dealing with anxiety. I've had months of sleepless nights from the guilt, blaming myself, and/or thinking I deserved it. I've had weeks of feeling numb. I've had days where I just can't will myself out of bed. I've had moments of wanting to cut off all those who care about me.
But I have also had years of love and support from family. I've recently had months where I've learned to stop feeling guilty. I've had weeks of being anxiety-free. I've had days where I've been blissfully happy and optimistic. And I've had moments of hope.

And No, this isn't "what happened to me that made me gay."

Friday, March 25, 2011

This Is How We Do It: Grey's Recap

There's a lot to be annoyed at Shonda about in this episode (and, yeah, a lot to love Shonda for too...), but the worst offense: I now have that Montell Jordan song stuck in my head.

Side Note: I thought Ed Ornelas did a brilliant job of directing this episode... just sayin'

*Not gonna lie... I was a bit excited about how the episode started with sexy underwear. Well, I was less excited when I found out who it belonged to...
*I did roll my eyes a bit at how Arizona and Callie voted out Mark about keeping the sex of the baby a secret. But that's just because a. I hate surprises and b. I like being prepared.
Arizona thinks that Callie is way too excited for the baby shower.
Ummm, Arizona... It's free stuff!

Arizona forgot to invite Lucy to the baby shower...

Lucy: I’ll see if I can make it.
Callie gives her “the look.”
Lucy: I’ll make it.
Oh for cute.

*Owen: You are very beautiful.
Cristina: Oh, screw ‘beautiful,’ I’m brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain.

*April & The Biscuit
Girl, you get your flirt on. Seriously, why do I always ship Peter MacNicol with everyone? Ally McBeal & April Keppner...

*Cut to preparation for the baby shower... Arizona/Mark tension and Callie isn't pleased... What else is new?

Arizona: Did you want a scrapbook station?
Callie: Oh yeah, of course.
Mark's Face: Smug as heck.
Arizona's Face: I'mma cut you.
*I'm not gonna lie... I also get that excited about glitter pens...
*Baby Shower!!! The scrapbooking thing really does make me laugh. Utah is pretty much the scrapbooking capital of the world...
And the panda onesie!!! Oh my cute!
Arizona speaks the truth: Baby showers are annoying. And Mark should shut up.
Side Note: Mark and Karev just prove why boys should not be allowed at baby showers!
Seriously, when Arizona was putting the balloon up her scrubs, I just thought some pervy stuff about another yellow oval-shaped thing going up her shirt (Answer: my head, haha).
Two people look adorable in this picture and another person looks frumpy and stoned...
Onesie decorating!
Oh, Meredith...
Lexie: Are you still blind?
*Elsewhere in SGMW...
A man teaches everyone how to be a good gay son ("Like Dick Cheney's daughter") and a woman teaches everyone how to be a good parent to a good gay son. (Not gonna a lie, I may have gotten a little teary-eyed here...)
*Callie gives Arizona a thoughtful little trip to a B&B for the two of them.
But Arizona has to be a Debbie Downer with talk of responsibility. Lame. (C'mon, Arizona, think of the amazing 20 minute long sex session...)
But then... Super Magic Smile.
At first, I thought this moment was weaksauce (Note Callie's awkwardness and the lame cheek kiss), but then...
The cutest onesie of my life.
*Me, Shouting: Shat, don't drive anywhere! We DO NOT drive places!
Then... Me: Aww, look at Arizona looking at Callie lovingly.
Then... Me: Don't look at Callie! Eyes on the road and, yes, keep your hands at ten and two!

In other news, both Sara and JCap looked super gorgey in this scene. Seriously... wow.

Arizona gets annoyed at Callie texting Mark.
Me: Put ze seatbelt... *on* <--channeling Teri Garr as Inga in Young Frankenstein Pouty face!
Pretty profiles
Yeah, yeah... Same old story... Mark's the worst.
So, Callie says she'll do anything to prove her love to Arizona.
Angry, gorgey contemplation...
Arizona: Marry me.
Callie/Me When I First Heard About This Happening: What?
Arizona: I mean it. I love you more than anything and I want more. I want commitments; I want rings. So... marry me.
Me: This moment is precious and all, but... YOU ARE CURRENTLY OPERATING AN AUTOMOBILE!

Next Week: Grey's Musical!!! ... !