Friday, March 25, 2011

This Is How We Do It: Grey's Recap

There's a lot to be annoyed at Shonda about in this episode (and, yeah, a lot to love Shonda for too...), but the worst offense: I now have that Montell Jordan song stuck in my head.

Side Note: I thought Ed Ornelas did a brilliant job of directing this episode... just sayin'

*Not gonna lie... I was a bit excited about how the episode started with sexy underwear. Well, I was less excited when I found out who it belonged to...
*I did roll my eyes a bit at how Arizona and Callie voted out Mark about keeping the sex of the baby a secret. But that's just because a. I hate surprises and b. I like being prepared.
Arizona thinks that Callie is way too excited for the baby shower.
Ummm, Arizona... It's free stuff!

Arizona forgot to invite Lucy to the baby shower...

Lucy: I’ll see if I can make it.
Callie gives her “the look.”
Lucy: I’ll make it.
Oh for cute.

*Owen: You are very beautiful.
Cristina: Oh, screw ‘beautiful,’ I’m brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain.

*April & The Biscuit
Girl, you get your flirt on. Seriously, why do I always ship Peter MacNicol with everyone? Ally McBeal & April Keppner...

*Cut to preparation for the baby shower... Arizona/Mark tension and Callie isn't pleased... What else is new?

Arizona: Did you want a scrapbook station?
Callie: Oh yeah, of course.
Mark's Face: Smug as heck.
Arizona's Face: I'mma cut you.
*I'm not gonna lie... I also get that excited about glitter pens...
*Baby Shower!!! The scrapbooking thing really does make me laugh. Utah is pretty much the scrapbooking capital of the world...
And the panda onesie!!! Oh my cute!
Arizona speaks the truth: Baby showers are annoying. And Mark should shut up.
Side Note: Mark and Karev just prove why boys should not be allowed at baby showers!
Seriously, when Arizona was putting the balloon up her scrubs, I just thought some pervy stuff about another yellow oval-shaped thing going up her shirt (Answer: my head, haha).
Two people look adorable in this picture and another person looks frumpy and stoned...
Onesie decorating!
Oh, Meredith...
Lexie: Are you still blind?
*Elsewhere in SGMW...
A man teaches everyone how to be a good gay son ("Like Dick Cheney's daughter") and a woman teaches everyone how to be a good parent to a good gay son. (Not gonna a lie, I may have gotten a little teary-eyed here...)
*Callie gives Arizona a thoughtful little trip to a B&B for the two of them.
But Arizona has to be a Debbie Downer with talk of responsibility. Lame. (C'mon, Arizona, think of the amazing 20 minute long sex session...)
But then... Super Magic Smile.
At first, I thought this moment was weaksauce (Note Callie's awkwardness and the lame cheek kiss), but then...
The cutest onesie of my life.
*Me, Shouting: Shat, don't drive anywhere! We DO NOT drive places!
Then... Me: Aww, look at Arizona looking at Callie lovingly.
Then... Me: Don't look at Callie! Eyes on the road and, yes, keep your hands at ten and two!

In other news, both Sara and JCap looked super gorgey in this scene. Seriously... wow.

Arizona gets annoyed at Callie texting Mark.
Me: Put ze seatbelt... *on* <--channeling Teri Garr as Inga in Young Frankenstein Pouty face!
Pretty profiles
Yeah, yeah... Same old story... Mark's the worst.
So, Callie says she'll do anything to prove her love to Arizona.
Angry, gorgey contemplation...
Arizona: Marry me.
Callie/Me When I First Heard About This Happening: What?
Arizona: I mean it. I love you more than anything and I want more. I want commitments; I want rings. So... marry me.
Me: This moment is precious and all, but... YOU ARE CURRENTLY OPERATING AN AUTOMOBILE!

Next Week: Grey's Musical!!! ... !


Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since i last leave a comment. Your last pic is epic and made me laugh so hard.

Haven you seen next week sneaks? It was super intense.

Love and have a nice Friday =)


MormonLesbian said...

Yes to the sneaks!!! I... I can't even... CRAZY INTENSE.

And you have a good Friday too! Thanks for commenting :D

Kelly slash FindingMyWay said...

LOVED that show. And I was screaming "put your seatbelt on" and "watch the road" the entire scene. OMHeck that was horrible!

I agree with the cutest onesie. Awww...

Nanc Twop said...

Thanks for re-capping; 7.17 was quite the rollercoaster ep...

And btw, if you like sneaks, you'll probably like this behind-the-scenes one from 7.18.

Thursday seems like ages away.

MormonLesbian said...

Yes, I've been all over the Behind-the-Scenes footage ;) :D

And it's already Monday!!!

Doom Kitteh said...

LOL the last picture... I can't even


My DVR didn't record that last episode for some reason and I really don't feel like downloading it(Because that takes SO much effort)So I'll settle for this. Except maybe finding that ending scene.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...


Seriously, why do the worst things on that show have to happen to the lesbians....

Well, I guess just this episode....


MormonLesbian said...

Well, somebody must hate lesbians because none of the straight couples got hit by a truck after they proposed... haha