Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a Good Thing I Have No Shame...

Sooo, my MormonLesbian Twitter account came about because I found Sasha Alexander on Twitter... And this happened:
Note: This was my first tweet.
Note #2: This was before I knew that she read all of her tweets...
Side Note: I was embarrassed for about two days. And then I stopped caring because, shoot, MormonLesbian can do whatever she wants.

Also, I didn't have a Sunday Post, BUT there is a ton of Sara Ramirez going on in the world. She's doing a ton of interviews and her E.P. came out yesterday.

Amazing, right?
There are four songs and it's about $4 on iTunes. Get it.

Body of Proof premieres on Tuesday.
I'm posting this for @neggett's sake. It's my autographed Dana Delany pic!!!
Those legs... WOW

Also, Grey's Musical is on Thursday!


nicole said...

:D i love that Sasha Alexander actually replied to that tweet haha
yay!! you posted the photo of Dana's one of my favorites :) lol

Anne said...

That tweet will forever make me giggle. LOL