Monday, March 14, 2011

Kate Todd's Black Beast (With a Side Order of Awesome)

The title of this post sounds a little dirty... And I'm okay with it.

*Look, it's everyone's favorite person... Ari! :/ Not.
Ducky: Good God.
Me: Oh sh*t.

*Kate apparently has never had a nightmare. Not even as a kid.

Kate Todd vs. Maura Isles, Part I
Kate: I'm a badass. Nothing scares me.
Maura: The thought of being unprepared for a BioChem final makes me cling desperately to Jane in fear (well, that's her excuse at least...)

*Tony had a canopy bed, which Kate finds hilarious.

Kate Todd vs. Maura Isles, Part II
Kate: Canopy beds? No. I sleep on Gibbs' half-crafted boat after crazy sex.
Jane Rizzoli (Butchy McFab herself) had a pink canopy bed.
Maura: I always wanted a pink canopy...

*Tony offers to teach Gibbs how to use a Palm Pilot. Gibbs freaks out by saying, "What do you have to teach me, beezy?"
Kate's Face: Why doesn't he want me to teach him? I mean, he's taught me a thing or two... WINK

*Abby's a scared little girl that doesn't want to go to the morgue, which is a really convenient plot device to get Kate in the morgue...
Abby: Ducky's doing an infectious autopsy.
Kate finds this to be suspicious...

Kate Todd vs. Maura Isles, Part III
Kate: Infectious diseases and all microorganisms do not scare me.
Maura: Nothing is more terrifying than chromobacterium violaceum.
(Yes, the infectiousness in NCIS is smallpox, which is a viral infection, and "flesh-eating bacteria" is... a bacteria. But still, Kate Todd doesn't lose sleep over either.)

*Okay, if I didn't know how things went down here, I'd be freaking out. And I would cut the bitch that laid a hand on Kate Todd.
In other news, Sasha looks good lit in blue AND red...
*Kate Todd is ADORABLE.
Kate, pretending to be Abby: I beat my phobia!

*I just think this reflection looks coolio.

Me: Ooooh, small of her back! I mean... Oh, sh*t!

Ari: When did lab rats start carrying Sig Sauers?
*I found this patdown to be a little disturbing and a little hot... and I find it a little disturbing that I find it a little hot...
*Ari: You any good with this gun, Caitlin?
Kate: Give it back and I’ll demonstrate
Ari: Ever fire it in anger?
Kate: I would love to right now.
Sassy! I love it :D

*Ari asks who did shoot... that one guy that's dead...
Ducky: Special Agent... GIBBS.
Kate: Ducky!
Kate reacting this way had nothing to do with not cooperating with terrorists, but was all about protecting her man.

*Ari: Caitlin, you may roll over now, if you keep your hands where they are.
Ducky: I can’t wait to weigh your liver.

Best Part of the Episode:
Kate Todd not only calls Ari a bastard, but a f-*Gerald coughing*-ing bastard. :D

*Gerald needs an artery repaired or he will lose his arm. Kate asks if there is anything Ducky can do.
Ducky: This is an autopsy room, not an ER.

Someone injured in the morgue and needs more help the ME can give? Sounds familiar...
Oh, right...

*Kate Todd: I don't know how you came in.
Ari: In a body bag.
Kate: Same way you're going out!

Kate Todd and the scalpel interrupted by...
WTF. I don't know what THAT is, but I don't like it.

*Ari: You’re a very good shot.
Gibbs: I would love to demonstrate.
Ari: Funny... Special Agent Todd said the same thing.
Me: Oh for cute.

*I really like how Kate looks pretty much untouched by the day's events...
*Contemplative Kate

Side Order of Awesome
To celebrate Pi Day (March 14-->3/14-->3.14), I just thought I'd add a lotta bit of hottness, featuring four of my favorite ladies (Cheryl Cole, Angie, Sasha, JCap) :D


FSO-PB Allen said...

I approve of the hottness.

Make Way! for Kimmie the Nutter said...

that totally made my day

FSO-PB Allen said...

Sara's benefit in October? I'll be at NYIT so I'll be near the city. New York City that is. Fly in and we can have a gay old time.

Unknown said...

Gah. Can we just look at the coke zero pic for a minute? Good lord. -rightclicksave- I too am concerned that Kate's frisking seems hot, lol. Awesome post as always. :)

nicole said...

Pi Day?'re such a nerd, i love it lol
but the "Butchy McFab" and the Kate Todd vs. Maura Isles parts are awesome :D
i missed your Kate Todd posts!!! this one was the best, i love your reference to Rizzles :)
you should have done more for bday :/ lol
p.s. black beast...hehe :)

MormonLesbian said...

@Twin--Depending on how school is!

@Sarah--YES! The black-and-white too... SWOOOON

@Nikki--"Pi Day" was what I did instead of saying, "It's my birthday, bitches. Send me pictures of hot girls"... hhahahah
And yeah, this was just a really good episode! Of craziness, intense stuff, and hotness.

Anonymous said...

i am so excited you're recapping ncis again

MormonLesbian said...

:D I do apologize for taking such a long NCIS hiatus.

Anonymous said...

welcome back. can't wait for the next one

Anonymous said...

i would love to pat down kate. although, after i patted her down, i would have tied her hands together and tied them from the celling so she would be standing on her tip toes.