Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Post: Daylight Savings Time Edition

Why I Miss Arizona: No Daylight Savings :)
Yeah, Arizonans are LAZY!

Sunday, March 13
*Happy Birthday, Dana Delany!

Monday, March 14
*Edie Falco will be on Regis & Kelly
Sooo excited for the new season of Nurse Jackie!

Tuesday, March 15
*Wanda Sykes will be on Leno
Funny lesbian!
*Happy Birthday, Eva Longoria!

Wednesday, March 16
*Jennifer Beals will be on Regis & Kelly.
*Marisa Tomei will be on The View
*Kristen Wiig will be on Jimmy Kimmel.
*Happy Birthday, Lauren Graham!
Thanks to PetrasPhoto for this :D

Thursday, March 17
*Bridget Moynahan will be on Regis & Kelly
Seriously, her shoot in More magazine... Damn.

Friday, March 18
*Happy Birthday, Vanessa Williams!


FSO-PB Allen said...

Can I just say I hate daylight savings time? Because I so do.

nicole said...

SUNDAY POST!! how i've missed you :)
so freaking juiced for Nurse Jackie and SO SO SO jealous that you have season 2...if i don't get it by may you MUST bring it!!!

paul said...

oh god. for a part of the year last year...all i did was watch marissa tomei and john cusack movies.

im convinced they should make a new movie together just for me. it would be like the 2 quirky romantic actors acting together and i would flip. and i wouldn't need real love because of all the fake movie love.

MormonLesbian said...

@Twin--I know! It's the worst!

@Nikki--I actually don't own it. I just rented it :/

@Paul--Oh my gosh, Marisa and John together again... yes. And I think Joan Cusack needs to play John's sister because I love when the two of them are together.