Sunday, March 20, 2011

iSunday Post!

Sunday, March 20
*Happy Birthday, Cathy DeBuono!
In related news, I've forgiven her for stealing Jill Bennett because they're super cute together.

Tuesday, March 22
*Sarah Chalke will be on Conan.
*And happy birthday, Reese Witherspoon!

Wednesday, March 23
*Happy Birthday, Keri Russell!
Seriously? Hot.

Thursday, March 24
*Jeri Ryan will be on The Talk.
P.S. Watch her and Dana Delany on Body of Proof!
*Rachel Maddow will be on Jimmy Fallon.
Relevant fact: Rachel Maddow is a lesbian!
*Penelope Cruz will be on Jimmy Kimmel.
I almost want to see the new Pirates just 'cause of her....
*Happy Birthday, Alyson Hannigan and Lara Flynn Boyle!

(The pic I wanted to use for LFB was a little saucy, but I might post it on tumblr...)

Friday, March 25
*Kate Winslet will be on The View.
I actually don't care much for her (don't hate me), but... I think I like her haircut (undecided)
*Elizabeth Berkley will be on The Talk.
Look! Her and JBeals! (I only saw Roger Dodger for the two of them... and I do like Campbell Scott...)
*Annnd it's Marcia Cross's birthday!
Related Note: Redheads are HOT!

Saturday, March 26
*It's Keira Knightley's birthday!


nicole said...

i thought there would be a pic of your signed Dana Delany photo :(
in related news :D there are a lot of birthdays this week 0_o

MormonLesbian said...

I forgot!!! But I do need to do that!

In related news, you just told me that you were making fun of me by saying, "in related news"... jerk ;)

paul said...

hey hey hey. my blog is all newsies.