Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Post: Deluxe Edition

A lot of really exciting hotness-related stuff is going this week!

Sunday, January 30th
*In case you don't follow Angie Harmon on Twitter and hear about the SAG Awards 24/7, they're tonight!!!
*Also, it's Christian Bale's birthday!
(You might be thinking, "What the what? Where am I? What's going on? What's this?" But this is for my gay boys that occasionally read my blog... ;) hee hee)

Monday, January 31st
*Pauley Perrette will be on Letterman
*Amy Poehler will be on Conan.
Seriously, Poehler + Conan=ridiculous amount of hilarity

*Julianna Margulies will be on Jimmy Kimmel.
And on Tuesday, February 1st, she'll be on Ellen.

*Happy Birthday, Portia De!
Gorgeous, brilliant, and gay! Can't get much better ;)

Tuesday, February 1st
*Helena Bonham Carter will be on Leno.
Seriously, how utterly brill is this woman?

*Leighton Meester will be on Fallon... And on Thursday, February 3rd, Minka Kelly will be on Fallon.
Personally, Leighton is my favorite of the "twins/roommates"

*Sarah Shahi will be on Jimmy Kimmel, talking about Fairly Legal.
Hopefully you will see some screencaps in the near future from the pilot!

*Happy Birthday, Heather Morris!

Wednesday, February 2nd
*Julianne Hough will be on Regis & Kelly
*Kate Walsh will be on Letterman. She is always rather charming, hilarious, and fantastic... Sooo, it will be good stuff!
And she'll be on The View on Thursday, February 3rd and on Jimmy Fallon on February 4th.

Thursday, February 3rd
*Marlee Matlin will be on The Talk.
*Dianna Agron will be on Leno.
*Jennifer Beals will be on Chelsea Lately. And then on February 4th, she'll be on The Talk.
Seriously, so excited for this. JBeals is always delightful. And gorgeous. And delightfully gorgeous.
Aaaaand, it also means that The Chicago Code is just around the corner (February 7)!

Friday, February 4th
*Martha Stewart will be on Letterman.
I don't think anyone but me cares, but I really, really care. LOVE this woman!

Saturday, February 5th
*Happy Birthday to two AMAZING human beings, Laura Linney and Anne (aka Drumchik84)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Angie Harmon on The Talk

Angie Harmon was on The Talk on Thursday! And she was hilarious, delightful, and so ridiculously gorgey. And I love how none of the other ladies could really get a word in... classic Angie :D
Also, I'm only writing a few comments so this post isn't just an Angie picspam of creepiness...

So, Angie walked out with the enthusiasm of... someone who is really enthusiastic...

And she talked about how now that The Horn is retired, he's at home all of the time and has been moving stuff around and she disapproves.

Yeah, I don't remember what was happening here... Enjoy the pretty.

Angie tried whatever was in Sharon's coffee cup and shared it with the rest of the ladies.
Side Note: Julie Chen's face is kind of hilarious and great here...

Angie is so gorgey when she's laughing that it's ridic...

Angie talked about why she left LA. And she became all serious and adorable

Ambassador Harmon :)

Angie thinks the world needs to follow her on Twitter (@Angie_Harmon)

This is pretty much my favorite screencap of her... she just looks... wow.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kate Todd and the "Enigma"

*This episode was actually chock full of delicious homoerotic subtext; however, it took a turn for the depressing/serious and I just couldn't go there... Let's just say that the first notes I made for the episode were, "Okay, the first thing said in this episode (the screen still black) is, 'On your knees.'" That was the best line I had, sooo you aren't really missing anything.
*Anywho, in this episode, Gibbs's old colonel... Colonel... is wanted by the FBI, but Gibbs, out of that Marine loyalty, wants to clear Colonel's name.

*Apparently Tony got dumped because he supposedly didn't understand that they were in an exclusive relationship. What a slut.
Kate: So, what happened?
Tony: She broke into my apartment and filled my closet with dog crap.
Kate: *laughs* Really? I knew there was a reason I liked her.
Tony: I still have her number. Maybe you two could get together and boil rabbits or something.
Wait... Is that a euphemism for something? ;) I KNOW! Kate Todd is straight! For Gibbs, no less!
Important Side Note: Kate Todd will shoot you if you try to pull some ish like that on her.
*Gibbs: That would be the reason for Rule #12.
Kate: Rule 12?
Gibbs: Never date a coworker.
Kate's Face: Do I not understand the word 'date' or 'coworker' in this situation?

*Abby is examining some stuff about Colonel, including some security footage. And she would totally tap that. Apparently the oldest she's gone is 65... her Biology professor... *cough* Anyway...
Dear Abby (hee hee),
Don't even look at him.
Kate Todd and her gun

*Kate Todd really does always make paperwork look sexy...
*Team NCIS ends up at Colonel's cabin. There's a dead guy and... A BOMB!
Was this stunt really necessary? I did not go: Whoa! Cool! Mark Harmon jumped on the car! I thought: Erm... I feel awkward about this... ... But that's just me...

*Kate: Gibbs thought he saw a bomb.
Gibbs: What do you mean 'thought'?
(Okay, this whole bit of dialogue here just made me love Kibbs that much more :D )
Kate: Do I really have to say it?
Gibbs: Say what?
Ducky: Yes, Kate. Say what?
Kate: You need glasses, Gibbs! Are you happy?!
Gibbs: I'm sorry... I didn't quite catch that last part.
*She is so adorable...
*Kate is trying to sketch the dead guy found in Colonel's Cabin (as all that is left of him is some charred remains). Tony is supposedly trying to help her... Yeah, I don't get it either...
Tony: I took an art class once.
Kate: *laughs* Lemme guess, it involved nude female models.
I want to go to there...
Tony takes the pad to show off his sketching prowess (right).
Tony: So, you gonna take off your clothes, or do I just draw you like that?
MormonLesbian: *cough*
Kate's Face: In both of your dreams...

*Have I mentioned recently how attractive Kate Todd is?
*Okay, so Gibbs is risking his career and such by trusting the Colonel and helping him. Kate/Tony don't know what to do and ask Ducky.
Ducky: You let him know he's not alone in his convictions.
Okay, this just made me think of Korsak telling Maura that Jane just wants to know that she's got her back.
*FBI Guy: You're under arrest!
Gibbs: For what?
FBI Guy: For pissin' off the FBI.
Gibbs: Get used to it.
I just thought this was hilarious.

*Soooo, this actually happened before the FBI Guy/Gibbs interaction, but I had to end with some Kate :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girls With Guns, Part XI

I am so glad I learned my Roman numerals in 1st grade... :)
Anywho, this morning, I was trying to go to bed when I thought, "ML, remember when you had an excuse to look at gorgey women every day because you actually updated your blog?!" Then I remembered that I had meant to screencap an episode of Brothers & Sisters with Calista Flockhart, which brought about an aching in my heart facsimile for a GWG post; thus, despite the fact that it was 8 in the morning, I embarked on creating this post. (I really should have broken that last sentence into two separate sentences... instead I'll just comment on how ridic its length is :D)

Calista Flockhart
I have so much to say about this set of screencaps...
1. This was not the scene that I had to screencap in Brothers & Sisters. *See Future Post
2. It made me fall in love with Brothers & Sisters. Netflix had told me to watch B&S for ages and when I saw this scene, I cried aloud, "Oh, Netflix! You really do know me!" *This may or may not be true.
3. It made me re-fall in love with Calista Flockhart.
So, in this scene, Kitty Walker (Calista) totally showed up Rob Lowe, who thought she was just a little girl that wouldn't even know how to look at a gun.

Emmanuelle Vaugier
Side Note: She was totally in Lost Girl :D

Jane Lynch
Sooo, the second screencap is not a girl with a gun; HOWEVER, it always makes me laugh.

Kate Beckinsale

Kyra Sedgwick & Mary McDonnell
I love both of these women, especially together.
One of these days, I hope to do a little subtexty recap for the two of them... Because we all know Captain Raydor totally has the hots for Brenda Leigh (who doesn't?)

Angie Harmon
Why R&I Needs to Be Back on My TV:
1. More Sangie on my telly
2. More recaps
3. More pics of Sangie with guns (I'm running out... !)
4. More Maurizona

Sasha Alexander
Why I Need to Watch Some More NCIS ACASAP (As Close to As Soon As Possible):
1. Kate Todd recaps
2. More pics of Sasha with guns (I'm running out... !)