Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

This was the hardest blogpost to write... It literally took me over a month (in the sense that I started thinking about it in November. And, well, taking notes and drawing up an outline because I'm a crazy person). These are my Top Ten Hotties of 2010. It pains me to only pick ten because a. I’m a little OCD and I hate even numbers (which is why 2011 is going to be AMAZING); however, 2010 and ten... it works; and b. only ten?!

So, this isn't my Top Ten Ever... I don't think I could even compile that list if I wanted... I simply reflected over the past 365 days and about the ladies who took up a lot of my time, thought, etc. And don't hate me for leaving some people out, it hurt me too. I started this post in November with a list of 31 that I slowly whittled down to 10. Thus, there are loads more obsessions of mine that I fail to mention in this post. Also, my ranking system was relatively arbitrary. For example, ranking JCap, Sasha, and Angie against each other? Torture. And, well, impossible.

(Note: As always, click the pics for the enlarged goodness)

But first, here are the people I foresee being my 2011 obsessions:

Jennifer Beals
Every member in my family knows how excited I am about The Chicago Code, as I run to the TV every time a promo for it comes on. Seriously, JBeals kicking ass, taking names, being the HBIC, busting faces, and... wielding a firearm (Girls With Guns!!!). As @TheSaxyOne pointed out, her character on The Chicago Code is basically Bette Porter with a gun (based off of the promos). I'm a total sucker for a hot police officer (And now I'm weirded out that despite my lesbianness, I'm still one of those girls that's trying to date her father... ew.)
Anywho, February 7 on Fox! Be there!

Sarah Shahi
(The pic on the left is my favoritest pic of Sarah Shahi ever. Her hair... is ridic.)
Just as I was anticipating the premiere of The Chicago Code even back when it was called Ride-Along, I started getting psyched about Fairly Legal back when it was known as Facing Kate.
I will definitely be watching Fairly Legal on January 20th on USA.

Dana Delany
Dana would have been in my Top Ten of 2010, but I wanted to put her in this section because of Body of Proof. I was all about Double D this year. She's the reason why I started watching Desperate Housewives. And why I watched, and then subsequently purchased, Kidnapped (which I personally thought was amazing and shouldn't have been canceled).
Body of Proof was supposed to premiere on ABC in October; however, it's been pushed to March 29th. (Thanks to mcbitchyfair for this pic!)
ABC has held its premiere because it wants it to do well, which makes me really hopeful.

Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles
Is it just me and the fact that it is 5:30 in the morning as I write this, or does it kinda look like they're kissing here..?
And here's what I like to call--"My Eyes Are Up Here"

And now for my Top Ten of 2010...

10. Naya Rivera
Yes, Glee premiered in 2009, but I was a latecomer to the show. I just thought the show was going to be the TV version of High School Musical or something. And I saw Finn's face and said, "Ew, it's that douche from Kyle XY." I have since been converted (although, to be honest, I'm not as psyched about Season 2 as I was about Season 1...)
Anywho, Naya/Santana! Season One, her character didn't do much for me. But I am liking her more and more. And I definitely need more of this in my life:
Yes, Brittany/HeMo is fantastic, but Naya...


9. Olivia Wilde
I've said it before and I'll say it again... Olivia Wilde is so sexy it makes me want to strangle Megan Fox. From lurking her on Twitter to drooling over her as Thirteen on House... Olivia Wilde is just amazing.

8. Beth Riesgraf
This is the year I fell back in love with Leverage. I had watched a few episodes and liked it when it premiered in 2008; however, I didn't get that into it. Then I watched an episode on a flight to Egypt this summer and remembered something... Beth Riesgraf is adorably hot. Then it was on Netflix Instant Play so I watched the first two seasons over the summer (and by "over the summer" I mean "one week over the summer"...)
Beth Riesgraf is fantastic as the sexually ambiguous Parker (P.S. I do NOT ship Harker...)

7. Julianne Hough
Honestly, despite the fact that she is adorable...
...Hough would NEVER be on my list, except...
Also, her one video that was banned from CMT?

Julianne Hough - Is That So Wrong (video) found on Pop
Smokin' hot.

6. Kate Walsh
I have not blogged/talked about Walsh enough to truly and fully express the love I feel for her.
Let's see...
She's ridiculously hot.
She's from Tucson!
She's hilarious. I may or may not have watched all of her interviews on YouTube because... holy hilarity.

Also, Addison is amazing.

5. Marcia Cross
Yes, Season 7 of Desperate Housewives began airing this fall; however, I did not start watching it until February. And I watched the first five and a half seasons in... a disgustingly short amount of time. In my defense, I was so sick that I couldn't eat or sleep so all I could do was lie in bed all day... But still... disgustingly short amount of time...
And seriously, this woman gets more and more gorgeous each new season. It's ridiculous. I mean, I'm not complaining...

4. Cheryl Cole
The beginning of the year, I listened to her first solo album 3 Words, well, quite a few times... And the end of the year, I listened to her second album Messy Little Raindrops, once again, quite a few times... And I watch videos of her (not so much the contestants...) of her on The X Factor. Also, she kicked malaria's ass this is year, which is kind of awesome... in a completely terrifying way...
Let's watch her dance with a Mormon!

3. Jessica Capshaw
If you've been following my blog for the past while, you know of my relatively recent "discovery" of Grey's Anatomy. And how it was only a few months ago that Arizona skated into my heart.

2. Angie Harmon
If you didn't foresee this, where have you been my whole blog? My very first blog post talked about the amazingness that is Rizzoli & Isles. Even before the summer that changed all of our lives (i.e., the premiere of Rizzoli & Isles), my 2010 love of Angie was already forming. If you can believe it, it wasn't until 2010 that I watched my first episode of Law & Order. Because of Angie Harmon. And I rented Living Proof just for her too (well, her and Harry Connick, Jr. and Bernadette Peters)... which I wished I had done after I discovered screencapping, but what can ya do...
But really, it's all about a certain detective...

1. Sasha Alexander
Once again, if you didn't see this coming, where have you been my whole blog? Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, Last Lullaby, Tenure, even just the trailer for Coming & Going... Plus, you know, lurking the hell out of her on Twitter.
As sassy and awesome as Kate Todd is...
...Maura Isles is just...
Brilliant, gorgeous, adorable, amazing, and... I just love her.

Really, I think it would be bad form for me to start 2011 without some Rizzles subtext...
The love is in their eyes...

Honestly, as sad and pathetic as it sounds... this year would not have been as awesome without Rizzoli & Isles. Not just because of the lady hotness, subtext, etc., but I have "met" a bunch of AMAZING people because of the show :)
Yep, in 2010, I was also obsessed with all of you beautiful people too :) And I mean that in the creepiest way possible, haha :D
Happy New Year!!!


Doom Kitteh said...

I love your list...minus about 3 of them who I don't actually know. NAYA! ... lol I JUST watched all of Glee like... 3 days ago >_> and now a little in love with HeMo..and Naya... more HeMo atm but that's because she's the only reason I keep watching Glee because I can't stop watching her dance... >_>

It's SO surprising to see Sasha at #1, my mind is blown.

There really needs to be a sarcasm font... lol


nicole said...

amazing :)
just fyi, even though i'm dizzy..just a lil bit.. i got up off the couch to read this FANTASTIC blog that is the love of my life... :D
hotness... :)

MormonLesbian said...

@DoomKitteh HeMo's dancing... damn. Only good thing about the Britney Spears episode... Holy hot.
A sarcasm font... hee hee

@Nikki I'm glad you collected yourself enough to read. I'm actually surprised that you did AND commented tonight. Very proud/impressed :) And we all know that I am, not my blog, is the love of your life... bahhahaha

nicole said...

oh you're totally the love of my life, no joke :)

MormonLesbian said...

I knew it :P Glad you're willing to admit it!

nicole said...

it's cause of the new year, it's my resolution to confess my love :)

Make Way! for Kimmie the Nutter said...

definitely looks like they're kissing...let's just say they are =)

Jennie said...

It is just SO fucking unfair that JBeals looks that good at 47!! I am almost 30 years younger and dont look that drop dead gorgeous!

Lovelovelove your blog, it is just so my addiction right now, you made me wanna watch NCIS fromt the beginning again, and all because the amazing Sasha Alexander!

MormonLesbian said...

I know! I always think, "Man, I want to look that good when I'm her age." Followed by, "Shoot, I want to look that good now!"

And I'm glad you love my blog! And yes, watch NCIS! Kate Todd is AMAZING! :D

Anne said...



Anonymous said...

Cam across this post while poking around for pics of Dana Delany/Body of Proof because I found her character and Jeri Ryan's on twitter...@DrMeganHunt and @DrKateMurphy! Can't wait for this show! of yummy women in this post...


(tried to post using my LJ, but can't get open ID to work, so sorry for the anon)

MormonLesbian said...

Ooh, I will have to follow! Thanks!