Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Post: Deluxe Edition

A lot of really exciting hotness-related stuff is going this week!

Sunday, January 30th
*In case you don't follow Angie Harmon on Twitter and hear about the SAG Awards 24/7, they're tonight!!!
*Also, it's Christian Bale's birthday!
(You might be thinking, "What the what? Where am I? What's going on? What's this?" But this is for my gay boys that occasionally read my blog... ;) hee hee)

Monday, January 31st
*Pauley Perrette will be on Letterman
*Amy Poehler will be on Conan.
Seriously, Poehler + Conan=ridiculous amount of hilarity

*Julianna Margulies will be on Jimmy Kimmel.
And on Tuesday, February 1st, she'll be on Ellen.

*Happy Birthday, Portia De!
Gorgeous, brilliant, and gay! Can't get much better ;)

Tuesday, February 1st
*Helena Bonham Carter will be on Leno.
Seriously, how utterly brill is this woman?

*Leighton Meester will be on Fallon... And on Thursday, February 3rd, Minka Kelly will be on Fallon.
Personally, Leighton is my favorite of the "twins/roommates"

*Sarah Shahi will be on Jimmy Kimmel, talking about Fairly Legal.
Hopefully you will see some screencaps in the near future from the pilot!

*Happy Birthday, Heather Morris!

Wednesday, February 2nd
*Julianne Hough will be on Regis & Kelly
*Kate Walsh will be on Letterman. She is always rather charming, hilarious, and fantastic... Sooo, it will be good stuff!
And she'll be on The View on Thursday, February 3rd and on Jimmy Fallon on February 4th.

Thursday, February 3rd
*Marlee Matlin will be on The Talk.
*Dianna Agron will be on Leno.
*Jennifer Beals will be on Chelsea Lately. And then on February 4th, she'll be on The Talk.
Seriously, so excited for this. JBeals is always delightful. And gorgeous. And delightfully gorgeous.
Aaaaand, it also means that The Chicago Code is just around the corner (February 7)!

Friday, February 4th
*Martha Stewart will be on Letterman.
I don't think anyone but me cares, but I really, really care. LOVE this woman!

Saturday, February 5th
*Happy Birthday to two AMAZING human beings, Laura Linney and Anne (aka Drumchik84)


nicole said...

the elevator one is my favorite :)
and Marlee Matlin is awesome :D this has to be one of my favorite Sunday Posts!!

Unknown said...

That statue picture with Angie at the beginning reminds me of someone.. can't quite put my finger on it though.. ;)

Also.. <3 Helena Bonham Carter.. and Julianna Margulies.. WOW. -drool-

I love that Martha Stewart is with Cookie Monster.. haha. :)

MormonLesbian said...

No one, not even Angie Harmon, can resist the sex appeal of statues...
Aaand that one is really packing somethin' somethin'... ;) ... hahahah!