Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grey's Gets 'Unprofessional'

Grey's Anatomy is said to be the second worst medical show at portraying the medical profession realistically (House being the worst). It's the anti-Scrubs (which is always said to be the best for its portrayal of interpersonal relationships). And as @neggett always likes to say, none of these people have the personalities of doctors. Especially not surgeons...
They are unprofessional, inappropriate, and we love it. There is a reason why we watch it. And it's also why "real" medical shows involve weeks of shooting and footage for an hour of usable material that won't bore people's faces off.
But this week, it seemed like it was "Bring Your Personal/Relationship Ish to Work" Day, even more than usual...

*Callie: What the hell...?
Mark's Face: I'm gonna just hide back here... in the corner... Don't mind me...

So, Arizona is moving back in to Calzona's old place.
Callie's Face: Is this bitch serious?
Me: Arizona, just come and be my neighbor! Shoot, be my roommate! We have a space for rent here still!

Apparently, Arizona bought out the subletters.
Callie's Face: This bitch is serious.
Arizona: Well, now, uh, I'm your subletter!
Me: Oh, you can sublet me any day of the week, honey... Whatever... that... means... ...

And Callie totally serves Arizona. And basically says, "Get the eff out of my apartment."
Yeah, I would be probably so much more pissed at Arizona if she weren't so darn adorable!
Arizona: It's good that she's mad. It means she cares, right?
Mark: Seriously?

*The residents each get their own personal med students!
I totally thought that Grey's girl was kind of adorable...
...until she opened her mouth...

*What I Learned This Episode: Flustered Bailey is just as amazing and adorable as Drunk Bailey. That and Sexy Nurse is quite sexy indeed... Hey, I may be gay, but I've got eyes!

*Yay! It's the Wilson Cruz episode!

*Arizona: I mean, I get it! She's got a hang-up about me being perfect. You know, everything comes easy for me and I don't have any flaws. And now that I've clearly made a mistake, she's just gonna pound the crap out of it.
Mark: So, you don't think you're perfect?
Arizona: No! I have lots of flaws... I'm competitive; I'm a workaholic; I smoke when I'm stressed--it's disgusting.
Mark: I'm sure she'd love to hear all those, along with any other real faults you come up with.
(Note: The med. students/residents have been awkwardly following/listening this whole time...)

*So, Arizona and Sloan are working to give a cheekbone-less girl cheekbones. Arizona and Sloan have different ideas on the best way to go about doing this.
Sooo, Sloan, Karev, and the rest of the kids, get Arizona with a Powerpoint Ambush!
Aaaand this is why you shouldn't be bald.
P.S. Doesn't it look like he has a tiny head?

Mark: You're a crappy listener.
Arizona's Face: If you weren't so right, I would cut you.

*Chief Trying to Get Teddy's Attention: Mrs. Foley... Mrs. SCOTT Foley!
Teddy's Face: Oh, right! That's me!

*Meredith has been checking to see if she's pregnant every ten seconds.
Cristina: Okay, you think peeing is exhausting? Wait till you have a mewling, poo-covered infant hanging off of your boobs 24/7!
Meredith: Why is my baby going to be poo-covered?
Oh, Meredith, I think we all know the answer to that one...

*And the residents are all disgusted by how Karev is flirting with his med. student.
Meredith: Well, the thong is unprofessional.
I like how Avery (who Cristina has already labeled a 'pervert') missed that, but Meredith caught it.

Everyone complains about the med. students and Karev.
Lexie: Wow, you all sound really old... (AND) *victory sip*
*Arizona: So, here I am, ready to listen.
What Callie is Thinking: Yeah, you wouldn't be here if you listened to me every single time I've seen you since you flew in... I don't want to talk to you. ...bitch.

Callie: Get your crap out of my apartment.
Arizona's Face: This is not how I saw this going...

*When all else fails, suck up to the bestie.
I really just love how Arizona is going to Mark for relationship advice. It was only last season (6x17) that Mark was going to Callie for advice because Calzona used to be the only stable couple... *sigh*

*Side Note: I love the cheekbone-less girl. She was amazing. And she may or may not grow up to be an awesome lesbian... just sayin'
Girl: I'm a tomboy, but I've never been able to be a tomboy. I know you want me to draw and paint and bowl, but I want to play volleyball, and softball, and soccer.

*And JCap is just always gorgey...

*Okay, I did love, love, LOVE seeing Cruz/Ramirez together.
And Wilson Cruz's monologue...

*See, VERY professional...
...and can we just look at Bailey's post-kiss face?

*Arizona gets a pep talk from Mark.

*Callie gets onto the elevator.
Me: Oh my sweet heavenly days, I don't know if I can deal with this...

So, Arizona gives one of her famous monologues.
And Callie drops the bomb of her being preggers with Mark's baby
And I must say that the cinematography here was brilliant. And can we click on this picture and just watch JCap's face?!And the diegetic sound of the elevator dinging after it had gone to black... chills.

What I Think Should Happen With the Baby: They should give it to Kevin & Scotty. Sooo, I'm still catching up on Brothers & Sisters and am in the last few episodes of Season 4 and if the two of them already have a baby, one or both of them are dead, or they have already moved to Splitsville DO NOT TELL ME if this has happened or I will seriously block you from my life and never talk to you again.

P.S. I am SOOO watching NCIS tomorrow, so plan on some Kate Todd love on Monday!


nicole said...

ok bailey's post kiss face...LOL, seriously love it :D
"What I Think Should Happen With the Baby: They should give it to Kevin & Scotty."- brilliant! again, lol :)
love the Lexie *victory sip* screencap <3
and the "is this bitch serious?" "this bitch is serious" funny :)
awesome recap, as always :D

Doom Kitteh said...

Pictures are distracting.

And now I kind of want to watch the whole episode because I honestly only watched the Calzona parts...

But I love Bailey SO! I may have to remedy this transgression.

nicole said...

oh! and the mention, thanks :D

MormonLesbian said...

@Nikki--Told you! (about Bailey's face...) hee hee hee... If only it were in the background of a picture so it could join our collection with Jett and The Lady :D

@DoomKitteh--Yeah, watch the episode. Lots of funny. Cristina is in top form and Bailey is just awesome.

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