Friday, January 7, 2011

Grey's Recap: "Disarm"

Note: Click the pics for the enlarged goodness.

*Okay, Sandra Oh just looks fantastic right here...
*I want this outside of my door:
And you know Sara Ramirez is a good actress because this is her reaction to JCap on her doorstep (is it still a 'doorstep' if there's no 'step'?):
P.S. Sara Ramirez looks slammin'

Callie: You sat here? All night?
Arizona: Um, well, no. I just had a baby so I went to a hotel, took a shower, got some sleep, and came back really early.
P.S. JCap is perfection. And her voice in this scene... Lordy...

*Callie: Really, please, go back to Malawi.
Arizona and I are both speechless. For two very different reasons...

*Teddy is off getting married to Scott Foley.
*Ummm, why do I find squinty-eyed boy so attractive?!
*And Cristina hears the call of the siren...
This is a very good thing.

*Love. Her. Hair.
*Chief: Dr. Robbins, I signed a contract with a new Peds attending. It’s a year-long contract. I can’t eat that money. I just don’t have it
Arizona's Face: Why doesn’t anybody love me?
*Karev: Dr. Robbins, you’re back!
Arizona: Now that’s the reaction I was hoping for!
Don’t worry, Arizona. Hundreds of fangirls were even more excited than that about your return... All to see THIS:
*I do love how Teddy and Owen are just tromping about the hospital talking loudly about her committing insurance fraud...
*Cristina is at the school shooting site. Oh, good things are coming...

*Everyone looks super attractive in this episode... Or maybe I'm just in a really good mood.
*EFF YES! I mean, yes, we all knew that one of the ambulances would hold Everybody's Favorite Asian, but... was still epic.

*Arizona is spying on Stark's surgery... and totally judging him.
And, in case you forgot, Arizona is more than just a pretty face and is brill and cares about the patients (unlike a certain punk from Ally McBeal)
So, Arizona and Karev want to save the girl's leg and Stark doesn't care. Arizona is trying to tell Stark what to do and Stark isn't having it. We need some Maura Isles mediation, as the two of them seem to be comparing the size of their penises... Anywho, Stark has a freak out about Arizona butting in on his surgery (I really wanted a screencap here from Scrubs where the one doctor kept shouting, "They're MY machines!" But I'm lazy and didn't want to get the DVD...)

Arizona's Face: What is happening to me today?
*Insert More of Stark Freaking Out*

Arizona: I’m sorry, I’m unprofessional? I’m unprofe--? I’m-- Body block him, Karev!And, not gonna lie, I thought this was kind of ridiculous... in the bad way.

*Arizona: Give me privileges.
Chief: Oh, I'll give you anything you want, honey. (Oh, wait... that was me... never mind)

*Arizona does in fact get in on the surgery and recruits Callie.

Callie to Stark: Are you going to work with me, or not?
Arizona: No, no, I am.
P.S. Where was Arizona hiding that pink scrub cap?

*Karev is excited about Stark leaving. Callie says Karev has to go to and help out with the other victims being brought in.
Karev: It’s cool. My work is done.
Yes, thank you, Karev, for attempting to get Calzona back together. But seriously, save your enthusiasm for when they actually do get back together...

*Seriously, Arizona...? I totally agree with Callie. You don't try to repair your relationship in the O.R. It's just awkward.

Callie: No talking. None.
Really? The eyes? That's just unfair... Put those away.
*Arizona is super excited and adorable about how well her and Callie worked together.
*It's been awhile, so Arizona prepares herself for one of her famous monologues...
Arizona: I am so deeply, deeply, deeply sorry for hurting you so much. I am so sorry because I am so in love with you. And I will spend the rest of my life telling you that. I’ll apologize to you every day if that’s what you need. But please, please, don’t walk away again. I came across the world to be with you. I love you. Please.
Callie keeps a stiff upper lip throughout.
Callie: You had to fly across the world to get to me, Arizona, because you flew a whole world away without every looking back; you just left. And this might be news to you, I think it kind of is, but you’re not the only one in this relationship. There are two of us. And you came back today, but I didn’t. Whatever else happened, that hasn’t changed.

Can we just look at the bottom left screencap?

*Derek: You amaze me.
This was a cute MerDer moment...

Derek about Cristina: I heard she's in O.R. 1.
Meredith: What?!
Derek: She's here.
-Meredith goes to see Cristina-
Derek: Forever alone...

*This was just amazing.
And Sara and JCap are just both so gorgey...

*Arizona gets a job at SGMW again! But can we just look at Callie's face here? Yeah, Sara Ramirez is that brilliant...

And then Arizona learns that she'll be working under Stark...Priceless

*Cristina: You wanna get a drink?
Meredith: Yeah, I do. Maybe not a real drink, actually. I’m trying to get pregnant and supposedly alcohol will make my baby have three heads and sixteen toes.
Cristina: Ummm, wanna get some crack cocaine?
I don’t need Calzona. Meredith and Cristina are back together!


Anonymous said...

I love who you managed to get R&I in there. Way to go Twin.

nicole said...

thank you for screencapping the scene where the chief tells arizona she'll be working under stark :) that made me laugh so hard when i saw the episode and your screencap was equally funny!
now i wanna watch grey's again!! :D

Anonymous said...

hilarious review! I LOVE that you managed to get R&I in there, very impressive ;)

Sandra Sanchez said...

Hi, Thanks for your re-cap of the Disarm episode...really enjoy it. And I really enjoy Dr Robbins and Dr Torres...

grey's anatomy disarm recap said...

Very emotional episode, really moved me. Especially when all the people were standing outisde with the candles. So beautiful. Plus i'm exited about Arizona and Christina's return :)