Monday, January 17, 2011

Kate Todd as "The Good Samaritan"

So, this episode had very little Kibbs and/or lesbian subtext goodness, but Sasha is still hot :D

*Some Navy guy is killed, stripped, and bound. No bueno.
*Kate Todd is on the phone and apparently has a sister. Who lives in Miami... And by 'Miami,' she means, 'Boston.'
*Anywho, the person on the phone tells Kate that she needs to list an emergency contact who lives closer than Boston. Tony volunteers.
Kate: Thanks, I'll get somebody else.
We all know she really wants to ask Gibbs.
She gives in to Tony because she's too chicken to ask Gibbs.
Although the emergency contact business ends kind of ambiguous with Tony still trying to convince Kate that he'd be awesome, they don't address it again in the episode. In other words, we can assume Gibbs is listed as Kate's emergency contact.
*In other news, Kate Todd is really attractive...
*Anywho, Team NCIS goes to the crime scene where they meet Sheriff Charlene... Who immediately begins flirting with Gibbs.
Sheriff about Gibbs: What's his story?
Kate: What do you mean?
Sheriff: Well, is he single? Available?
Kate: Uh, he's single. As far as available... I-I wouldn't know.
(Please, Kate... You know all about Gibbs's 'availability.')

Kate's Face: Bitch, you better stay away from my man.
*Kate and Tony head to the dead guy's house.
He collects lunchboxes! Which apparently Tony and I find much more exciting than Kate does.
*Awww, Kibbs love.
And no, Kate wasn't even talking right here. Gibbs was just looking at her... appreciating :)
*There's another dead body found in another county, but Sheriff Charlene works her magic to get some information for Team NCIS.
Sheriff: Jethro, I think you owe me a dinner.
Kate's Face: Disapprove.
And let's leave my Kibbs Fantasy World for a second and just look at Tony and Kate eavesdropping
Yeah, Kate does not seem jazzed about Gibbs and Sheriff Charlene going to lunch together. Even if it's only to the cafeteria.

*Aaaand... Kate Todd is still attractive...
*Gibbs: How hard is it for an attractive woman to get a guy to do what she wants?
Kate: It's easy!
Sheriff's Face: Damn... I have no chance with Gibbs.

*Team NCIS matches the DNA of some pee at one of crime scenes to the ex-wife of one of the dead guys.
Bad Woman: Women don't urinate on the side of the road! Do they, Agent Todd?
Kate: I don't... But obviously you do, ya nasty.

*So, I don't know if this beanie is adorable or completely ridiculous. Or both...
*And Kate Todd ends the episode... ...attractively.


Doom Kitteh said...

Like... ridiculously adorable. Problem solved.

nicole said...

i missed your kate todd posts :)
i love how at this point the storyline doesn't even matter :D

Anne said...

Sister in Boston. *giggle*

Love the Kibbs moments - they may have been few and far between this episode, but Kate does NOT like women sniffing around her man.

Anonymous said...

i was watching an ncis marathon the other day and saw two episodes of sasha alexander's character kate in a wet t shirt contest. the episodes were conspiracy theory and bikini wax. will you be recapping these. and the episode pop life had sasha in some sexy glasses and a top you couldn't help staring at. lol. will you be recapping that one too

MormonLesbian said...

I will be recapping all of Kate Todd's episodes (in order). Hopefully I'll have a new one every Monday!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait. have you seen the episodes yet i talked about

MormonLesbian said...

I haven't yet! So I'm excited :)

Dr. G said...

Yeah! I LOVE the Kate Todd posts. Now that I have finished the Kate Todd run of episodes :( I can go back and re-watch along with your re-caps. I especially love how you find extra Kibbs moments with stolen looks! Still loving those screen caps of her in her cap, too. Thanks!