Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Post: Now With More Angie Harmon!

I'm a lazy person who rarely ever blogs anymore--I know it. However, there will be some Kate Todd tomorrow!

Sunday, January 23
*Happy Birthday, Mariska Hargitay! Law & Order: SVU is on its 12th Season and Det. Olivia Benson is still as smoking hot as ever.

Monday, January 24
*Maggie Q will be on Leno.
Okay, can we just look at how gorgeous she is? And also ridiculously skinny, but not in a terrifyingly emaciated way (e.g., Angelina Jolie in Salt).

Tuesday, January 25
*Happy Birthday, Mia Kirshner!
Even though I wanted to punch you in the face ALL six seasons of The L Word, we can still be friends.

Wednesday, January 26
*Betty White will be on The Talk and on Craig Ferguson.
And here she is with one of my favorite people ever who I am absolutely in love with:
(Clarifying Side Note: It's Martha Stewart who I am in love with)
And also that's her celebrating her birthday, which was last week.
*Amy Poehler AND Martha Plimpton will be on Jimmy Kimmel. I'm sure they will both be quite hilarious.
*Annette Bening will be on Leno.
I'm still super happy that she won at the Golden Globes for The Kids Are All Right.
*Happy Birthday, Ellen! Seriously, Ellen has done so much for lesbian visibility in the media. And she's hilarious/amazing. And her and Portia are just perfection together.

Thursday, January 27
*Angie Harmon will be on The Talk. ... !!!!!
I know there are mixed feelings out there about Angie Harmon opening her mouth and speaking (personally, I love her and think she is hilarious/fantastic); however, you should at least watch it on mute... because she's hot.

Friday, January 28
*Brooke Shields will be on Regis & Kelly.
I did already post photos of these three in an earlier post (found: here!) But I, personally, never tire of any of these gorgey ladies.

Saturday, January 29
*Happy Birthday, Heather Graham!
I love Heather Graham because of Gray Matters and from when she was Dr. Molly Clock on Scrubs.

I really wanted the scene where she sang to her chicken salad (because it reminds me of my bestie who also sings to her food), but YouTube only wants to give me this clip and montages of her sexy times on Scrubs.


Anonymous said...

Mariska is like wine. The more time passes the better it gets. She is just beautiful. Stunning.

Anne said...

So much sexy in this post!

And Angie should do more interviews/talk shows. She's actually really hilarious!