Friday, February 4, 2011

"Don't Deceive Me," Shonda...

...Things better fairly sunshine and rainbows for our two heroines (aside from the obligatory baby mama/papa drama).

*Callie tells Mark that she's full of his baby (So, we already know the priority when it comes to Mark vs. Arizona, as Callie told Arizona first).
Unsurprisingly, he's super excited.

Callie: ...growin' like a weed... in my uterus.
Mark: Not like a 'weed'...
Me: Thank you, Mark. Babies aren't plants! Oh, wait... You're still talking.
Mark: Like a mighty oak!
Callie's Face and Mine: No.
Let's get real for a second... This is going to be one hot kid.
*LOVE Arizona's hair.
But I was thinking,"What the what? What is she doing with this tissue? Weird... Oh! Callie's opening the door!"
I also LOVE how Arizona understands that Callie is bisexual. *cough* Erica Hahn, I'm looking at you. Take notes.
Callie: Would you rather I had slept with a busty redhead 'cause...
Shonda! Why didn't this happen?! I want a busty redhead on my TV screen (and in my bed, but that's beside the point...)

Callie: I didn't plan this, okay?
Grey's Lesson #1: Best form of birth control is lesbian (or gay male!) sex.
Callie: I want you.
Okay, Arizona, get your ish together. I don't care if she's freakin' Octomom in there, but she's gorgey and wants you and you love each other!

Callie: So, are you in or out?
Arizona: I'm in.
MormonLesbian: Wheeeee!!!
*Phones in the O.R.? Really?! I find this a little disconcerting...
Okay, April said they were following Bailey's procedure via Twitter... I have a few issues with that. Look at their screens... Shoot, that ain't Twitter. And if they are trying to be all sly, they don't need to tweet back.
*Both Avery and Cristina want to help with a graft for a heart. So, Cristina steals the chart.
Team Asian Sensation-1
Team Pretty Boy-0
*Dear Mark,
You should just be the cool uncle that hangs out on Sundays. We don't need three parent drama.
(Although I do like how Callie is letting him choose his involvement. I respect that.)

Mark: I'm not the cool uncle! Don't ever say that again.
Aaaand, there it is. The awkward threesome (and not in the good way) has baby drama on the way.
*In other news, I'm sad that Karev is with Derek in the clinical trial. He better be back with Arizona soon.
*What the what? What is with this terrible updon't? No, stop this.

Oh yeah, Arizona is a bad listener.
Arizona: I might be having Mark Sloan's baby.
Too easy, writers, too easy...
*Callie is being examined for having a little bleeding.
Mark asks New Gyno Girl who the hell she is.

New Gyno Girl (Her name is Rachael Taylor in real life, by the way) is HOT. I approve.
Gyno Girl: Who the hell are you?
AWKWARDCallie: Lesbian lover, baby daddy.
Gyno Girl: Ah, and everyone's a little wigged out.

Looking at the baby :D
Gyno Girl: No intercourse.
Arizona: Sing it!
*Sooo, Bailey isn't supposed to be tweeting in the O.R. anymore, but it's so addictive. And Lexie and April are able to convince her.
Lexie: The lambs want to scream!
(And April just uses her creepy, crazy eyes...)
*Apparently Callie is freaking out that something is wrong with the baby and refused to leave the exam room (despite the fact that the exam ended two hours before).
Mark: What if we run a culture? Can't hurt, right?
Gyno Girl: Sure. Can't hurt. (Read: As long as it gets you the hell out of my exam room)
Arizona: Good idea...?
Callie: I am a hormone casserole.
*Grey's Lesson #2: Twitter saves lives.
*In other news, Cristina and Avery have been sucking up to the cardio patient like crazy and Avery pulls an a-hole move by mentioning Cristina's PTSD-spawned leave of absence.
Avery feeling terrible and looking for Meredith and Owen to comfort Cristina...
Team Asian Sensation-2
Team Pretty Boy-0
*There is so much pretty in that room...
And they found the baby's heartbeat!
*In other news, Karev is off the trial and is going back to Arizona's service.
*Arizona is moving Callie back into their apartment. Callie starts to argue.
Arizona: Shut up, just shut up.
Arizona: You don’t get to tell me that we’re not together. We are together. Because I love you and you love me, and none of the rest of it matters. We. Are. Together.
Arizona: And if you ever sleep with anyone else again, man or woman, I will kick the crap out of you. Now you sit your ass back down there because that’s my baby in there and I don’t want anything happening to my baby.
Callie: Your baby, huh?
Arizona: Our baby.
Arizona: We're having a baby.
Callie: Do I have to sit down? Because I'd rather rip your clothes off.
Arizona: I'll do the ripping.
Shoot, someone's about to get topped...

Side Note: Kevin McKidd (Owen) did a fantastic job directing.
And Mark tells Lexie.
Lexie, you can just be the cool aunt. Calm down.


Unknown said...

Wow.. damn I knew I should have watched last night.. great recap as always. I need to.. go.. take a cold shower or something.. -ahem-

Also, you are hilarious. :)

nicole said...

love the recap, my favorite part: 'Team Asian Sensation' hahaha :D
and i don't care if tweeting helped saved a patients i still don't think you should do it in an OR

MormonLesbian said...

@EmeraldFirefly-Yes, you should have watched.

@Nikki-Yeah, keep the phones out of the O.R. It's just... no.

Becca said...

Awesome as always twin.