Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Post: Oscars Edition

Sunday, February 27
*It's the Oscars!
I'll be honest, I thought Black Swan was a little pretentious and overrated. Yes, I enjoyed it, but still... Requiem for a Dream continues to be my favorite Aronofsky film. But I am super thrilled that Aronofsky had Clint Mansell score Black Swan, who also scored Requiem.
The King's Speech though... Brilliant.
*Happy Birthday, @TheRainbowUhaul! Related Note: She's awesome.

Monday, February 28
*Emily Blunt will be on Regis & Kelly.
On Tuesday, she'll be on Jimmy Kimmel and on Thursday, she'll be on Conan. I think Emily Blunt is a really underrated actress.
*Happy Birthday, Ali Larter
*And Happy Birthday to my favorite pervert ;) , @TtownAmstaff! Plus, this is why you should start watching No Ordinary Family:
No, I'm not frakking kidding you. These ladies will be on No Ordinary Family starting tomorrow :)

Tuesday, March 1
*Allison Janney will be on The View.
She's hilarious. And Mr. Sunshine is actually quite funny (plus, Andrea Anders [Better Off Ted, The Class] is super cute)
*Heidi Klum will be on Ellen.
Yeah, her new ridiculous show is ridiculous; however, it's Heidi Klum!
*Betty White will be on Leno. This is why I love Hot in Cleveland:

Wednesday, March 2
*Chelsea Handler will be on Conan. Two hilarious people together? Yes, please.
Yes, I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of Angie...

Thursday, March 3
*Catherine Bell will be on The Talk.
*Wanda Sykes will be on Ellen. Lesbian explosion!
*Happy Birthday to Julie Bowen and Jessica Biel!

Friday, March 4
*Heather Locklear will be on Regis & Kelly.


nicole said...

wow this sunday post was exceptionally really hot, bravo :)
i will probably miss all the talk shows like i always do lol

Doom Kitteh said...

I highly approve of the Naya and Sara to each other... lol

I approve of EVERY picture! ...

And this post.

I do not approve of my wtfness. haha