Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Post: Valentine's Day Edition

Actually, it would be more accurate to describe this Sunday post as "Blondes Who Are Sometimes Compared to Grace Kelly, But C'mon--They Aren't Edition."

Monday, February 14
*Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Give someone you love some chocolate! ('Someone you love' does include yourself)
Or pack them a fancy lunch!
*Lady Gaga AND Sofia Vergara will be on Leno.
Personally, my mind wasn't blown by Lady Gaga's new single. A little derivative and it was hyped up too much. However, I did still like it.
*Dianna Agron will be on Jimmy Kimmel.
*January Jones will be on Jimmy Fallon.
She'll also be on The Daily Show on Tuesday and on Regis & Kelly on Friday.

Tuesday, February 15
*Fortune Feimster will be on Chelsea Lately.
Dude, this chick is hilarious. And she is obviously the person I was referring to when I said, "Looks like Grace Kelly."

*Gillian Jacobs will be on Craig Ferguson.
So, I don't watch Community, but she is adorable.

Thursday, February 17
*KaDee Strickland will be co-hosting on The View. So, that means a whole hour of this:
*Sarah Chalke will be on Craig Ferguson.
Her new show, Mad Love, with Judy Greer premieres on Monday. I'm going to give it a look, but I have heard that it isn't that funny.

Friday, February 18
*Felicity Huffman will be on Ellen.
I am so excited for this... You have no idea.
*Mark Harmon will be on Leno.
*Lily Tomlin will be on Craig Ferguson.
Seriously, this woman is so hilarious. And she better not disappoint.
*Felicia Day will be on Jimmy Fallon.
Why is she so amazing you ask? Um, duh:

It's also one of the things that makes NPH so amazing.


nicole said...

i love how you manage to add Rizzles to your posts even though there haven't new episodes or anything :)
and i watched community the other day and didn't care for it :/ but Gillian Jacobs is super adorable :D

Anonymous said...

when is felicia day going to be on jimmy fallon

Anonymous said...

never mind. i just saw the date and i let the people in my yahoo group know about not only the show but your blog.

MormonLesbian said...


Anonymous said...

did you catch mark harmon on the jay leno show the other night.

MormonLesbian said...

I haven't watched it yet! Is it good?

Anonymous said...

so good. the interview should be on the show's website i think

MormonLesbian said...

Watched it and loved it! :D