Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pretty Young Thing

This post is a lot less exciting than the title of the post... BUT it's my Grey's recap!

*Arizona made a delicious kale and apple juice smoothie for Callie.
Yeah, not happening. Callie wants her coffee.
Arizona asks Callie if she wants her baby to come out underweight with an arm growing out of its forehead.
Callie's Face: We are so not having sex tonight.

Arizona, this is when you're supposed to say that you have something better than coffee...
that should start with a little "aphrodisiac" of delicious goo smoothie...
Don't mind that... I just want a little bit of this on my TV...

Anywho, Mark teams up with Arizona on the goo vs. coffee issue. (I almost wrote that Sloan and Arizona were double-teaming Callie but... anyway...)
So, they take a vote. Yes, a vote...
And 2 vs. 1, Callie loses.

*Meredith has to decide if she wants to do research with Derek or the Chief. As Cristina puts it, it's Sophie's Choice.
Lexie: I’ve never seen that movie.
Cristina: Well, you should! It’s really funny.
*Lexie meets her dad's new tatted-up skank girlfriend. No one does bitchy with a smile like Lexie Grey

Callie: Keppner, I need you to speak differently. It’s your voice. It’s a little… Just speak differently.
I often feel that way when April speaks too, Callie.
*That's a lot of pretty in one room.
Does anyone care that Karev got kicked off the case by pissing off Gyno Girl (who I didn't think was as cute this episode, but still attractive) and wants back on? Um, not when Arizona looks this pretty...
*Callie wants coffee. And gets caught.
And Teddy gets to watch the drama unfold.
I honestly don't know how Arizona can say, "We took a vote" with serious face/voice. I mean, seriously? A vote?
And Arizona guilts Callie out of it with those eyes.
Callie leaves, frustrated. Aaaand, victory sip.
Arizona: Oh God, that's good.
*Cristina about Tatted-Up Skank: Tangle with one Hell’s Angel, tangle with the whole gang.
*Karev and Gyno Girl watch the surgery from the gallery.
Good heavens, Gyno Girl is gonna get with Alex... I don't approve.

And Arizona tells Gyno Girl how Alex is good guy, essentially saying, "Get with that."
*This Alzheimer's patient's daughter is super cute.
*Callie comes home, drinking coffee. And fed up with being told what to do.
Arizona's Face: Do you mind if I cut her with this spoon?

Apparently Callie gets three de facto votes. One for her, the baby, and her vagina.
Arizona's Face: Yeah, Imma cut you.

Callie is all kinds of sassy now and essentially says: Shoot, I do what I want.
Okay, so... are we really supposed to expect this?
Because "this really isn't gonna work for me." Well, actually, I kinda like it so far, despite the fact that I know that drama is ahead for the happy, yet totally weird and awkward, threesome.


nicole said...

but what's her face that plays Lucy is going to be one of the new Charlie's Angels so she can't last for long :)
the daughter WAS super cute...i kinda get the feeling she'll be back :)

MormonLesbian said...

I saw that! And I disapprove. Well, I disapprove of everyone being the new Angels as no one can never be as awesome or as hot as the originals.
And I actually think that's worse. If she just gives him sex and then disappears. Hopefully she'll just be like Sadie and disappear before sexy sex happens.

Anonymous said...

You know, I quit watching Grey's about 2 years ago but I'm still very entertained by these recaps. Good job :)

Jen said...

How was "The Chicago Code"?? Anything with JBeals is awesome, but I sadly missed it, was it any good???

nicole said...

True...the original angels were the best but you never know maybe it won't be that bad *shrugs*
And I never thought it would be worse if Lucy just slept Karev and then just left...hopefully it will just be like the Sadie thing cause that would suck for Karev :(

MormonLesbian said...

@nightowlang-Even though I think everybody should be watching Grey's, that makes me super happy :)

@Jen-I... actually... haven't watched Chicago Code yet... However, I plan on watching it/screencapping it/sharing JBeals with the world soon

@Nikki-Yeah, that's why I think it would be the worst if Lucy just slept and left. Karev has had every single girl leave him and that's just poo.