Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday!!! Post!

First off, you should all check out @Warrior_Queen's (my twin) new blog, In the Name of Reason. Her first post is very moving and utter brilliance.

Monday, February 21
*Cobie Smulders will be on Letterman.
Are these pictures on my wall? Yep. But Roommate... I'm totally straight!
Adele will also be on this episode. Her new album=brilliant. Her cover of Cheryl Cole's "Promise This"=brilliant.

Okay, I love Cheryl Cole more than life. She's gorgey and super talented, but let's get real... Adele's cover kicks Chezza's version in the face.
*Sofia Vergara will be on The Talk.
*Happy Birthday, Ellen Page!!!

Tuesday, February 22
*Happy Birthday, Drew Barrymore!
She was the one girl my sister would consider going gay for... until my sister saw The L Word and met Shane... and my sister would get with that any day.
*Amy Poehler will be on Letterman.
And on Wednesday, she'll be on Regis & Kelly.
*Betty White will be on Regis & Kelly.
*Julie Benz will be on The View.
Wow... I seriously need to pick up on watching No Ordinary Family...

Thursday, February 24
*Happy Birthday, Bonnie Somerville!
I miss when you were the smokin' hot bisexual girl on Cashmere Mafia....
Also, you can sing because you're amazing like that :D

Friday, February 25
*Amber Heard will be on Jimmy Fallon.
One word: WOW.

Also, my class schedule will be sooo much better after this week! So, expect more posts (e.g., Kate Todd awesomeness)!


nicole said...

oh sweet new post how i've missed you :) great pics, seriously they're pretty hot lol
i used to have the pic of Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore kissing on my computer background at school :)
i loved Bonnie Somerville on Cashmere Mafia :D i think that show came out before i did so it was very awesome for me lol i miss her on my tv...and i love her voice!
girl i've been expecting that Kate Todd post for a while now, it better come soon lol
an amazing post as always :)

MormonLesbian said...

So I like how you say you've missed me as if I don't text you/tweet at your face every day :) But seriously, it has been a week!

I remember watching Cashmere Mafia freshman year of college and thinking everyone was sooo hot, like I started watching because I love Miranda Otto. And I was sooo in love with Bonnie Somerville. But I was totally straight... *cough* haha

nicole said...

i've missed your posts, not you, i'm actually sick of you...omg jk jk jk you're amazing...i love you :)

Miranda Otto is awesome and i thought Bonnie Somerville was super sexy, i mean her was magical lol

Anonymous said...

i saw you mentioned bonnie somerville's show cashmere mafia. do you remember her other show from a lot more years ago called grosse point blank. also a great show cancelled before its time at least in my opinion. a lot of shows i like end up getting cancelled way too soon

MormonLesbian said...

I did like Grosse Pointe! And Bonni Somerville on it. And yeah, a lot of shows I like get canceled too soon as well :/