Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Double Post Tuesday: All I Want For Christmas...

...is Rizzoli & Isles on DVD.
And this amazing thing:

(courtesy of my new best friend) (Alright, seriously... Click that link and go to her LJ now. Why? Because there are beautiful screencaps of Rizzoli wearing the very shirt that I know you now want.)

To make your own:

So, one can never say that my blog has never done anything for the world. Because she found my blog, asked for some screencaps, I sent them, and she made that. Yes, my effort involved clicking a few keys on the keyboard and her effort involved hours of... whatever you have to do to make things like that. But she made it "and I helped!"
But seriously, I'm getting that for Christmas.


cameron_sarah said...

Aw! New best friend? :P Awesome. All I want for Christmas is .zips of R&I screencaps. ;D

Glad you like it! There just needed to be one in the world, no? :P Now we can all dress like our lovely Jane. Hey, maybe we should make an internation 'Boston Homicide' softball team?! ... Except I can't play softball.. We'll need Jane. ;)

MormonLesbian said...

I'll work on the zips...

International softball team! That would be amazing! But yeah, I don't do softball either... Yeah, Jane and/or Maura need to teach us proper batting stances... :D