Monday, October 4, 2010

Rizzles Rewind Recap #3: Sympathy for the Devil

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*Shopping with Mom... I feel your pain, Jane.
But thank you, Mama Rizzoli, for this:

*Mmmm, one-handed belting up.

Hott. What other articles of clothing can you put on/take off with one hand, Jane?
*Fast-forward to the crime scene... Jane's annoyed by the mere sound of Grant's voice. Yeah, TNT trying to force you to be straight annoys me too... (But really, Angie and Donnie Wahlberg? What kind of sick universe is that?)
"He's a police officer. He's a climber. He's an ass."
And straight people think Rizzoli liked him?

What she said: And you're going to be drinking yours out of a sippy cup, if you don't lower your voice.
What she meant: Talk like that can get you fired. And I really like our secret kisses in the morgue. And our not-so-secret hand holding everywhere else.
*Jane: I am never having kids.

Hmmm, Calzona parallel?
*Rizzoli snaps at Grant. Maura diffuses the situations with her adorableness.

Maura needs to be a diplomat. All she would need to do is flash her cute little smile.
*Grant: You might want to take a look under there
Rizzoli's thinking, "Take a look under where? Maura's dress? Yeah, I've seen it. It's nice. Really nice, in fact... Oh, wait. You mean under the dumpster. Gotcha."

*Cut to the morgue...

Maura: Do you think Lt. Grant is sexy? You know, in a male kind of way?
If these were straight girls, they wouldn't need to add the "in a male kind of way."
Jane obviously doesn't think he's sexy...

Maura doesn't think he's sexy either. As we learn in the season finale, Maura just appreciates the male form. In a purely scientific sense.
Jane: Do you like him?
Maura: Not my type.
Oh, we know who her type is...
(Here's a hint: This is the look she gave Jane)

What she said: I was athletic. And strong.
What she meant: It's always been obvious that I'm a lesbian.
*The look that says, "Oh, my girlfriend astounds me every day with her brilliance."

*Maura just got a little turned on with Jane's display of Google-power.

*"Like their boubous?"

Oh, we know what you're thinking...
"I'll get you a boubou."
I'm sure you will, Maura... I'm sure you will. And of course, Jane approves.
*Oh, sharing food with the girlfriend... So cute.

I had the same look on my face too when I heard "marshmallow and peanut butter" together.
But I had the same reaction as Maura: "Oh, it's really good!"

I smell my food too! (Excuse me for that brief geek-out...)
*Aww, they're walking each other to their cars. But something's amiss! And Jane's instincts kick in and she, of course, reaches out for Maura.

*Rizzoli has her Indiana "Why did it have to be snakes?" moment.

*In what world are we supposed to believe they're straight?

Looks like a date to me...
*Gratuitous loving gazes

*What is more adorable than Maura clapping along to the exorcism chant?
Jane getting her to stop clapping as an excuse to hold hands.

But Jane's right... White people shouldn't try to clap along. Ever. (Alright, just kidding... Some white people actually have rhythm...)
*More hand holding!

*Jane has her forced date with Grant. Jane does not like it when her mom tries to set her up with guys.

Mama Rizzoli: I need to know that you're taken care of.
Jane: Have you met me? I'd take him in a fight. And for everything else, I have Maura.
Mama Rizzoli: Be a girl.
Now that's just funny...
*What he said: I haven't seen you in a dress since, what, senior prom?
What he meant: Damn, you're gay.
"With Charlie Crentz. He was a dork."
Yeah, you're beards haven't gotten any better over the years, Rizzoli.
*Grant: I head about your little incident at the church.
Rizzoli: You gonna write me up?
Oh, I get it. They're talking about how Jane and Maura haven't reported their relationship to Human Resources yet.
*In case you forgot that Angie Harmon is gorgeous...

What she said: I don't need a guy to make me happy.
What she meant: I really don't need a guy to make me happy.
"Well, no one's proposin' here so..."
I don't see why Jane freaked out at this and was so offended. Honestly. Don't get it. The only thing that makes sense to me is that she was just searching for any excuse to run away from the penis to go see Maura.
(And did she really need to take the wine and the flowers? No. Obviously the flowers are for her lady.)
*Maura already has wine glasses in the morgue? This obviously isn't the first time they've had something to drink in the morgue after hours together.

What she said and meant: You're gorgeous, my friend.
Maura: She just loves you, that's all.

And that look in your eyes shows how much you love her too.
What she said: If she loves me so much, why does she hand me off to that creep?
What she meant: If she loves me so much, why won't she just accept that I'm gay?
*In case you forgot that they love each other...

*"You're always complaining that the guys you date don't understand or like your job and he respects you."
Maura, I think you're talking about yourself. You're the one that understands and respects Jane.

"You think he's this political animal, but it's just that it comes out of him when he's around you because he wants to impress. It's mating behavior. I think it's sweet."
Once again, talking about yourself, Maura. Just replace 'political animal' with 'oversharer of random facts.' And yes, it is mating behavior. And yes, it is sweet.

*"Nightlight off or on?"
"On. I can't wait 'til we solve this one."
Of course Maura is interested in Jane's sleeping habits.

I know that look. It's the I'm going to surprise her tonight because she won't need a nightlight if she has me to keep her safe and warm at night.
*Paranormal activity! Who you gonna call? Screw the Ghostbusters... Maura Isles in gold pajimjams.

"I can do a brain scan if you'd like."
Hmmm... What other kind of examinations have you given Jane, Maura?
*"You've never lied to a guy and tell him he was good when he wasn't?"
Well, that's good news for you, Jane. She really does think you are that spectacular in bed.

You've been sitting for who knows how long waiting for me in the rain. But do I invite you in? Nope.



Dr. G said...

Everyone in this restaurant is looking at me while I'm LMAO at this recap. So many great lines and hilarious observation. Isn't it funny how what they say and what they really said are turning into the same thing?! I thought the same thing about her reaction to Grant but was just super glad about where she went when she left. One of my favorite Rizzles scenes ever! They are both gorgeous! Thanks for continuing the recaps. To bad we are going to be out of episodes soon. I look forward to these almost as much as the show. Why can't we have a 24 episode season like other shows?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're still doing retro recaps! This one is so funny, and so many yummy screencaps of Maura. *sigh*

Love your Calzona reference and the shout-out to Huddy on House too :-).

Anonymous said...

ML, your recaps are FABULOUS! They are so wonderful, and funny and the screen caps rock! Keep it up, you are totally helping my Rizzles withdrawal. Thank you!

MormonLesbian said...

Thanks for reading/commenting!

Anonymous said...

my favorite scene was the date in the morgue. because that totally just screamed date. lol. and you're right no straight girl would say 'in a male kind of way' that kind of phrasing raises another big old beautiful rainbow flag. i love your recaps

MormonLesbian said...

Thanks! And thanks for all of your comments!