Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maurizona, Part II

New Grey's Anatomy tonight!!! But here's some Maurizona to get you through the day...

Maurizona Eating Chinese With Their Girlfriends

Maurizona Lookin' Adorable

Maurizona in Bed With Their Girlfriends

Maurizona Comforting Their Girlfriends in Bed

Finally... A little real life JCap/Sasha love

(Thank you, JetGirl78)
Tomorrow: A little Kate Todd


Anonymous said...

your maurizona is AWESOME! and sasha and jcap look so cute together


Dr. G said...

I love all the Maurizona pics but just screamed a little when I saw that tomorrow is a Kate Todd day. I'm engrossed in NCIS right now as I take my time watching the first two seasons slowly and carefully. Sasha is amazing in it! Such a different character than Maura and such an amazing actress! Thanks as always for all the yummy goodness.

MormonLesbian said...

Sasha is a brilliant actress! Kate and Maura are so different! Love them both though.

My Disc Two of NCIS (Season One still...) has been sitting in my room for about a week now. It just takes me forever to watch an episode with my compulsive screencapping disease and I haven't found the time to commit. Same with her film Last Lullaby that I just got in the mail... But I plan on watching soon, screencapping, and blogging about them both.

Anonymous said...

Just the word "Maurizona" makes me grin, but these screencap comparisons are hilariously brilliant! Thanks for sharing :-).