Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Top Eleven

This is my Top Eleven... It will likely change the second I post this. I'm just indecisive like that. I mean, I'm so indecisive that I couldn't just pick a 'Top Ten.' Nope. Eleven.

11. Angie Harmon

C'mon, she's gorgeous. And half of my favorite TV lesbian couple. And that voice... Hott.

10. Sophia Bush

You don't even know what terrible movies I have subjected myself to just for a glimpse of Sophia Bush. Table for Three (Jennifer Morrison was in it too, so I had to rent it), John Tucker Must Die, Stay Alive, Supercross, and the last few seasons of One Tree Hill (at least Hilarie Burton was there to help me through most of that too). Hmm, and she has a hott voice too...

9. Stana Katic

Love her. Love Castle. Just love.

8. Julianne Moore

What can I say... I dig redheads. And she's a phenomenal actress. And not just a dramatic actress. Did you see her on 30 Rock? Hilarious. And super hott. I was totally rooting for Alec Baldwin to pick her over Elizabeth Banks.

7. Chely Wright

Ack! I love her. I loved her in the nineties too, back when I was a huge country music fan. And being an actual lesbian is even better.

6. Brianna Brown

You may not have heard of her, but Brianna Brown is one of my favorite actresses. Solely because I'm really shallow and she's really good looking. I fell in love with her when she played an expensive callgirl that was killing her clients on Criminal Minds. And then I rented Knocked Up to see her ten seconds in that. Currently, she's on General Hospital. And I almost started watching it, even though it's a soap opera. But then I realized that's why God invented YouTube...

5. Jill Bennett

Funny. Sassy. Political. Brilliant. Talented. Lesbian. Gorgeous.

4. Jessica Capshaw

When I first saw Jessica Capshaw, I disapproved. She was part of the new The Practice cast and I wanted Kelli Williams and Lara Flynn Boyle, so I didn't watch her at all. I did love JCap as Nadia on The L Word. But I didn't really notice she had a face because she had those really short skirts... And I really like legs. And then I saw Grey's Anatomy... If you've read my blog at all in the past week, you know how I feel about Arizona Robbins.

3. Olivia Wilde

How can you hate a girl that loves playing bisexual? The OC and now House. I must say that I prefer her as a brunette, as opposed to her naturally blond hair. I do love Lisa Edelstein; she's a gorgeous woman. But honestly, I'm only interested in watching House for Thirteen.

2. Sasha Alexander

Rizzoli & Isles piqued my interest because of Angie Harmon, but now it's all about Sasha. NCIS is now in my Netflix queue (although I already know I prefer Maura-hair). I even downloaded her one episode of House (obviously she was gorgeous in it, as usual: see picture).

1. Rachel Shelley

Out of sheer loyalty, Rachel Shelley will always be my number one. Without her, I'd still be lost in the delusion that I'm straight (well, I'm sure Rizzoli & Isles would have remedied that, but still...). So, thank you, Rachel Shelley. And thank you, Helena Peabody.

Who's on your list?


Dr. G said...

Great list! I was very excited to see Sasha at number 2. I, too, started watching R&I for Angie as I've always found her mesmorizing and stunning but I think I'm drawn more to Sasha and Maura at this point. Such a great actress and multi-layered character not to mention sexy. Now I guess I better find that House episode too. What is the Angie cap from? I love me some Stana too and am determined to do a Castle/R&I cross over fic some day. Hopefully everyone has seen her in "Feast of Love". She was a very believable lesbian!

MormonLesbian said...

I'm all about the Maura. I'm a sucker for a smartie.

The Angie screencap is from Fun With Dick and Jane.

That Castle/Rizzles crossover... needs to happen :)
I saw Feast of Love for Selma Blair, but yeah... Stana... very good lesbian.

Unknown said...

Yay for Sasha at # 2.. I've loved her since seeing her on NCIS, and just recently went and bought the first season just so I could rewatch.. :) I might have to buy the second one with my next paycheck. :p

nicole said...

i've seen Brianna Brown in a live comedy sketch show in LA called Fries on the Side. it was like SNL and she was the host . i didn't get to meet her after the show though. she was hot :) and funny!

MormonLesbian said...

That's awesome! She is really hot. And it's good to know she's funny too.