Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sasha on House

Here are some screencaps from Sasha Alexander's House episode (6x11: The Down Low).
In this episode, Nora (Sasha) thinks that House and Wilson are a couple after they move in together. I'm waiting for a version of Nora to show up on Rizzoli & Isles and assumes they're a couple. I'd actually be satisfied if they just started living together.
The end of the House episode involves Wilson proposing to House. With Rizzles, I'd settle for a kiss...

Oh, so adorable!

I've never been so jealous of House in all my life...

And House admits that he did everything just because he really likes her boobs. Who can blame him?

See you tomorrow for the Rizzles Rewind Recap!

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Dr. G said...

Thanks to your screen cap yesterday I downloaded and watched this ep last night. This hair color is MUCH better than the dark hair I've been seeing on NCIS. I said the same thing while watching-that House should have a cameo on R&I next season and be the one to assume that Jane and Maura are a couple. Besides House I watched 3 eps of NCIS last night...Sasha obsessed much?