Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girls With Guns, Part V

Today's Girls With Guns post is brought to you by the letter 'S.'

'S' is for Stana

(Holy hott!)

Stana, Stana, Stana... One word for you: DAMN.

And Sarah Shahi

And Sophia

And Summer

And of course, SASHA

Kate Todd could have given Maura lessons on shooting a gun... And lookin' badass.


Doom Kitteh said...

I find myself wondering why I only know three of them... one of those things I feel I shouldn't find ridiculously sexy but it is...

Dr. G said...

Well, I have a whole new appreciation for the letter S! Love me some Stana and Sasha. Thanks as always for this eye candy.

Anonymous said...

mmmm stana katic. check this pic



MormonLesbian said...

Oh. My. Hott. Thank you, thank you!