Friday, October 29, 2010

Late Post Friday

This post is late. But I only just decided to post something, despite my accidental double post yesterday...

This is what I think you should TiVo/DVR next week...

Monday, November 1
Sophia Bush on Craig Ferguson
She's hott. She loves the environment (and the gays). And her voice... sexy.

Tuesday, November 2
Emma Stone on Letterman
She's a hot redhead. And have you seen Easy A? Funny stuff.

Wednesday, November 3
Rosario Dawson AND Cat Cora on Regis & Kelly

'Nuff said.

And Cat Cora. Beautiful, brilliant in the kitchen, and a lesbian.

Thursday, November 4
Ellen Pompeo on Jimmy Kimmel
I only just started liking her (as in her character on Grey's Anatomy). I have finally accepted that her voice is her voice. And, well, although she doesn't usually do much for me...

...this picture is hot.

Emily Deschanel on Letterman
Come on, it's Bones!

(I had to post this picture since it's Halloween and all...)

She'll be talking about her memoir that's coming out. I really just want to see the two of them together...

Tina Fey
Tina Fey will be on Letterman on November 3rd and on Regis & Kelly on November 4th
Watch. It will be funny.


Anonymous said...

I love Cat Cora. She can cook for me anytime.

MormonLesbian said...

Her and Giada... Definitely.

lost said...

oh Giada is sweet yum