Monday, October 11, 2010

Rizzles Rewind Recap #4: She Works Hard for the Money

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And also as always, click the screencap for full Angie/Sasha hottness.

*Maura brings the little children to the precinct. And of course, she brings them to see Jane. She likes showing off her girlfriend, even if it is to unappreciative, snot-nosed kids.
*Jane isn't so thrilled. But what she does for love...
What she said: Who wants to be a detective?
What she meant: Who wants to be butchy and fabulous like me?

What her face said: I don't want to be a detective. I just want to do terrible, terrible things to one detective in particular.

"Look, little girl. You don't want to work at a fashion magazine when you can be a sexy butch detective like that. Or even better, you can work with them."

Little Girl does not care.

What is wrong with girls these days? Hmm, must be straight...
*"No, Jane, I'm going with you. BCU is my alma mater."

Maura, you don't need to keep searching for excuses to go with Jane. Have you not been watching the show, like, at all? She brings you along even when it's completely inappropriate and unnecessary.
*"Let's go find your parents!"
Okay, maybe it's not just Jane that doesn't want kids. They were both so quick to unload the children back on their parents.

I think Rizzles will be content with just each other, Jo Friday, and their turtles tortoises.
*Girls, watch the eye sex in front of the parents!

*What she said: Can we talk about this when I'm not working?

What she meant: Can you stop embarrassing me in front of my girlfriend?
As embarrassed as Jane is by her mother, Maura finds it adorable.

*Jane guesses what kind of gun was used to kill College Girl.

Maura acts as if she disapproves.
Come on, Maura. You love it when Jane shows off her awesome detective skills. Regardless, Jane is just trying to impress you. It's mating behavior. I think it's sweet.
*Look at the love in those eyes:

They are so gay!
And really, you can't spell "Rizzles" without 'les.'
*Jane asks what sports Maura played.
What she said: Ballet. And fencing.

What her smile said: Don't you want to know if I'm still as flexible as I was when I did ballet?
Like this flexible...

And in case you haven't seen that episode of NCIS.... Yes, yes, that is Sasha.
*And in case you forgot that Rizzoli's the butch one...
"Those aren't sports."

"Field hockey. I was an attacker."

*"I'm sure you were very aggressive."

Oh, you know all about how 'aggressive' Jane is, Maura... in bed.
*Later... There's more food sharing.
And Jane says, "I was at BCU... The sorority girls were dressed in foil."

What both of their faces said: Hmm, I wonder how hott she would look in a foil bikini...
*Maura: I didn't know 'attacker' was a position.
Well, now you know. I'm sure Jane had you up all night teaching you that 'position.'

What she said: Jane, you're a bright, accomplished woman.
What she meant: Jane, you're a bright, accomplished woman who does terribly dirty and unspeakable things to another bright, accomplished woman.
*What she said:

I peeked in the library.
What her face said:

Ooh, sex in the library... We haven't done that one yet. I love how Jane's doing her investigative work.

What she said: Something about being there was inspiring, you know?

What her face said: Oh, I know, Jane. I know. This little discussion has inspired me with a few ideas. You missed out on college so maybe a little professor/student roleplay.
*Maura: You know more about human beings than anyone I know.
Jane: Bad human beings.

What she said: We're all a mix of good and bad.
What she meant: We're all a mix of good and bad. And you know all about how 'good' and 'bad' I can be. And by 'good,' I mean damn good. And by 'bad,' I mean naughty.
*So, if they aren't dating, why did Maura need to come out and see Jane's mom too?

*Maura knows her way around cars...

In my fantasy world, Maura learned all she knows about cars from some hott butch car mechanic type (played by Michelle Rodriguez).

*Gratuitous touching!

*What she said:

Dr. Maura Isles, knuckle-deep in germy bar snacks. I'm shocked.
What she meant: Dr. Maura Isles, knuckle-deep in germy bar snacks. I'm jealous. There's something else I want you to be "knuckle-deep" in.
*What she said: Your fancy French boarding school warped your young mind.
What she meant: Your fancy French boarding school warped your young mind. Not that I'm complaining. It is where you learned you were gay. I'm just what made you good at it.
*Jane and Frost are going to go to the dead girl's candlelight vigil.

Maura: Oh, I'd like to come with you. Pay my respects and maybe help you look for the bad guy.
Once again, no excuses necessary, Maura. We all know you really just want to see how pretty Jane looks in candlelight. Maybe try and hold her hand if she gets emotional at all...
*Maura: It's beautiful.

No, Jane. She didn't mean herself. We already know that's what you find beautiful.
And then Maura catches her staring so Jane quickly looks away.
Jane: Let's just keep looking at faces.
Yeah, Jane. The only problem is that you weren't looking at potential perps' faces...
*The cute girl gets shot!
Maura: It's okay. It's okay.
Let's look at the hand placement...

That girl is more than okay, lucky whore (and I mean that literally...). Makes me want to get shot.
*So, did anyone else think this girl was super cute?

Anyone? Anyone?
*Anywho, this whole scene made me love Jane even more.

*And in case you didn't know it already...

Rizzoli's a superhero.
*Okay, how many meals do they not eat together?

*Jane: Because, you know, if this got out, people might be judgmental.

Wait. I'm a little confused. Are you talking about the prostitution ring, or your relationship with Maura?
*Maura is very touched by Jane's softer side.

(And she plans on touching Jane's 'softer side' after dinner...)
Jane is weirded out by how touched Maura is.

Jane, you may be a tough butch on the outside, but you're just marshmallow fluff on the inside.

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Anonymous said...

Another Monday, another retro Rizzoli and Isles recap from you - yay!

Again, loved this. So many funny lines and great subtext commentary. Oh, and this one had lots of Maura staring adoringly at Jane, so thanks for those screencaps.

"And really, you can't spell "Rizzles" without 'les.'"

OMG, I just realized "Isles" breaks down into "is les"!

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah, people trying to say they're straight... Maura has the gayest name there is!

And thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Lurrrv your recaps. Yay! They make my day. You are a master at "She said/she thought". And could these two look at each other with more love and longing? I don't think so!

Great work....keep it up!

Doom Kitteh said...

Omg, my brain fried somewhere around "You missed out on college so maybe a little professor/student roleplay." and Michelle Rodriguez... lmao!

I feel the need to go back and watch al lthese episodes over so I can focus on the subtext instead of the "omg they're pretty hot and stand far too close for being friends" .. xD

MormonLesbian said...

Well, hopefully they'll be on DVD soon so we can all just play the episodes on repeat :)

Dr. G said...

I'm behind on my comments and this is another great recap. I'm sad because I think there is only one more retro recap since you did the other eps already. My second favorite scene is in this episode when Jane taps Maura on her right shoulder and then gives her that flirtatious smile at the bar. THUD! Of course that date at the end is pretty good too. That needs to be a Twitter deleted scene-what happened after they started drinking the wine.

Anonymous said...

your review is as good as the delicious subtext. seriously, i cant stop laughing when reading and definitely need to rewatch the episodes to indulge on what their dialogues really MEANT

thank you for the wonderful review!


MormonLesbian said...

Awww, I forgot I only have one episode left to do... Now I'm bummed too.

Anonymous said...

but you have a lot of material in episode 5, with all that lover's spat and jealousy :D

loving your reviews, btw

MormonLesbian said...

I know, I was looking over my Episode 5 recap and thought, "I only have like two screencaps... Lame!"

cameron_sarah said...

Okay, is it just me, or does Jane get like REALLY attatched to that girl super fast (the cute one who got shot)?? I mean, they only met, what? Twice, three times? And on the third time, Jane is smiling at her LIKE THAT and giving her presents, and kissing her head...GUH. It's not just me, right? :P

"Rizzoli's a superhero" Of course. She can come to my rescuse anyday. ;D

MormonLesbian said...

Jane did warm up VERY fast. She is a cute girl.

cameron_sarah said...

Well, I'm putting my hand up for being the cute girl who gets stabbed next season. Especially if Angie smiles at me like that. GUH <3

MormonLesbian said...

And kind of groped by Sasha. I'd pay to be that girl.

Anonymous said...

great recap. as always i totally love what she said/meant. so funny

Anonymous said...

i would have to say my favorite moment was how maura was so quick to dump the kids back on their parents so she could go with jane to the crime scene. you can't fake that kind of eagerness. lol. she's always finding ways to get some quality jane time. LOL