Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mother/Daughter Duos (Part I)

It's really true how two really attractive people can have ugly children or how too REALLY unattractive people can have stunning children. Sometimes, despite both nature and nurture, a kid just comes out... boring, in every sense. But sometimes God does give with both hands. And sometimes that can be attributed to just having good genes.

Blythe Danner & Gwyneth Paltrow

(This is from Sylvia, about Sylvia Plath, where they actually played mother/daughter)
Blythe Danner is one hot older woman. And she plays a lesbian with Swoosie Kurtz (another hot older woman) on Nurse Jackie.

Gwyneth, on the other hand, does nothing for me. Both her acting and her looks just don't do it for me.

But Blythe... I think she's stunning and would be the only person I would cast if I were looking for a cold, matriarchal WASP from the East Coast (e.g., most of her recent roles).
And while we're on the topic of Gwyneth's family tree, we must mention her cousin, Kate Moennig.

Yeah, I pick that.
Mothers: 1; Daughters: 0 (Cousins: 1)

Jayne Mansfield & Mariska Hargitay

Wasn't Mariska the cutest baby?
Jayne Mansfield was kind of a big deal in her time. Less for her acting and more for her looks.

And Mariska... She's freaking Olivia Benson.

'Nuff said.
Mothers: 1; Daughters: 1

Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson are both good actresses and fantastic comedians (Goldie in Laugh-In and Private Benjamin; Kate Hudson in all of those romantic comedies).
Goldie is in her sixties and still somehow has managed to look fantastic.

And Kate is just adorable.

This is a close one, but I pick Kate. If it were solely on acting abilities, it would be Goldie--hands down.
Mothers: 1; Daughters: 2

Kate and Jessica Capshaw

Mamma Capshaw was in Indiana Jones. That's badass.

What's even more badass is becoming a lesbian fav by seducing Bette Porter on The L Word and being one half of Calzona.

Mothers: 1; Daughters: 3

Andie MacDowell & Rainey Qualley

Andie MacDowell is one of those annoying women who only look better year after year. She's 52 and shames women half her age with her looks.

Her daughter, Rainey, is 21 and also gorgeous. She's currently studying acting so we'll likely be seeing more of her in the future.
I have to say that Andie shames even her daughter with her looks. Well, if Andie looked like she did with in the eighties, it would go to Rainey.
Mothers: 2; Daughters: 3

Idina Menzel & Lea Michele
The last duo of the day is the fictional mother/daughter pair from Glee. I just couldn't help myself.

Both are beautiful and talented vocalists/actresses. And they do look a lot alike.

I have to pick Idina on this one.
Mothers: 3; Daughters: 3

Part Two will be posted on Friday! (I have a R&I-related post planned for tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

Jayne Mansfield is known as sex symbol, and a woman of great beauty with great body. 've Seen movies with her and wholeheartedly agree. But his daughter Mariska, who has never gone down that road and stood a cop doing a tough but sexy, I have no doubt, is as beautiful as her mother. Mariska have beautiful eyes, a wonderful smile and a spectacular body. Too bad she does not like to show the body.

MormonLesbian said...

I agree. I'd also say that Jayne is more conventionally attractive. But Mariska... she shoots bad guys.

Anonymous said...

omg baby olivia!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Kate Capshaw played a magnificent bisexual woman in "A girl thing"...

MormonLesbian said...

Am I horrible lesbian in that I haven't seen A Girl Thing yet? It's been in my Netflix Queue for ages...

giaJolique said...

You wanna know something?! - I lived in Arizona for a while - and there I became a mormon - 3 years later I couldn't hide my lesbian side anymore xD

I was in relationships with a few girls - when I moved back to bavaria I wanted to know if I am really a lesbian - and got pregnant. Now I know I am definitely - but have a lil baby daughter - how bad is this?! xD but what I actually wanted to say - BE YOURSELF - what ever you feel like, you belive in, whoever you love - just do it =) wish you the best - I enjoyed reading