Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Girls With Guns, Part Deux

Here's the second installment of "Girls With Guns."

From the best lesbian/schoolgirl/spy movie out there...

Oh, DEBS. Angela Robinson, you are a genius. But I'm still waiting for GirlTrash! The Movie.

Here's some old school girl-with-gun action:

Ann-Margret definitely gets bonus points for the one-eyed/over the arm maneuver.

Oh, Kate Beckinsale... If I were a Lycan, I'd happily let you kill me.

I think The Island was an underrated film. I mean, you get to look at ScarJo the whole movie... There ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Only January Jones could make such a white trash activity like using a BB gun in one's nightgown with a cigarette hanging from the mouth, well, sexy.

So, I was threatened after my last post if I didn't put a picture of Dr. Isles wielding a gun like a badass... Well, sorry to disappoint you... You'll have to wait for a future installment of "Girls With Guns" for that. However, here's a parting gift that will hopefully make up for it (from this week's episode of R&I)...

Pssst, Maura... That's what a real badass looks like.

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Anonymous said...

DEBS was such a good movie!
Thanks for the Rizzoli!