Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Desperately Gorgeous Housewives

The season premiere of Desperate Housewives was on Sunday.
It spent most of the episode dealing with the cliffhangers of the finale of Season 6.
Like with what Mike & Susan dealing with their money problems. The writers got a brilliant idea of how to keep in viewers and to help them make money: have Susan clean houses in very little clothing.

Bree's life is falling apart with her divorce and everything. So, she's getting her house repainted, which concerns me. We know the Housewives' history with plumbers, painters, and gardeners. It makes me really miss Dana Delany so it could be her to bring Bree out her funk. Even Marcia Cross and Dana Delany endorsed that idea.


Plus, there's the new cast member, Vanessa Williams.

It'll be a very interesting season. But I still miss Dana Delany...

This morning, Vanessa Williams will be on Regis & Kelly.

And Thursday, she'll be on Jimmy Kimmel.
Also on Thursday, Felicity Huffman will be on Lopez Tonight. I always love her interviews. Her ones with Ellen are all so funny.

And Teri Hatcher will be on Oprah (also on Thurs.)

In non-DH news (but still on Sundays on ABC), Sally Field is back (with Calista and Rachel) on Brothers & Sisters. So, she has an interview on Regis & Kelly on Friday.

Still so adorable.

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