Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double Post Wednesday

I couldn't resist but posting this today...
It's Angie on Oprah!



notsure2010 said...

I don't believe for a second that her dream job is actually to be a homicide detective. BUT she is adorable in this piece anyway.

Dr. G said...

I agree with notsure...I'm not convinced that being a homicide detective is really Angie's dream job. I think she wanted to do some research for the show. I must say, that I'm less and less impressed with Angie the person when I see her in interviews. I'm not sure if it is her politics or how she presents herself. Don't get me wrong...she is still gorgeous and I'll keep watching her in anything. I think this also just serves to show what a very talented actress she is because I think Angie is nothing like Jane Rizzoli. Let's face it...Jane would have crushed that bug and kept on moving. Angie has done a great job capturing that tough, no-nonsense, crass, butchy, tomboy, detective that has had to make it in a male dominated world. Thanks again for all the video links and pics!