Sunday, September 26, 2010

Calzona vs. Rizzles

Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres
*Sassy, sexy Latina
*Quoted Jesus to her very conservative Catholic father
*Wore lingerie to surprise her girlfriend for her birthday
*Slept with Man Whore several times

Det. Jane Rizzoli
*(see picture)
*Badass that kicks ass (with a nice ass)/isn't afraid to get rough
*Knows her way around plumbing...
*Doesn't know how to relax
*Wears her clothes to bed
*Has a crazed serial killer that wants to feel her blood on his hands
*Not actually "out"
Jane Rizzoli wins. Hands down.

Dr. Arizona Robbins
*Out and proud lesbian
*Adorable optimist that's great with children
*One of the only people that's still cute when crying
*Wheelie shoes
*Was able to convince the conservative Catholic father that being gay is okay
*I often find myself sighing, "Dyke drama..."

Dr. Maura Isles
*Dresses in a way that is interesting, endearing, and definitely sexy
*Have you seen her hair?
*Can show a girl the finer things in life
*Bossy (but in a soft and polite way)
*The Irish mob may or may not want to hurt her
*Also not "out"
Ack! I really don't think I can decide. Both of them make me smile every time they're on screen, but I really like it when a girl is actually a lesbian.

(Thank you, Bee!)

(No photoshopping required.)

There is just as much supportive hand holding, eye sex, and time spent in bed between Rizzles. However, we never (and probably will never) see anything beyond that happen.

So, that's what's great about Calzona...
But really... I wish it was Rizzles instead.


Dr. G said...

Never say never! I agree that it is wonderful to see two out, sexy women kissing but in my limited viewing of Calzona clips they seem to be such a supporting story. That is why I think I'll always choose Rizzles because Jane and Maura are THE story.

MormonLesbian said...

There is a bigger cast on Grey's Anatomy, but they don't have any less screen time than the other characters. In fact, I just watched an episode in Season 6 that all revolved around Arizona pretty much.

And I said we will probably never see it since Sasha Alexander said all but never. I'm sure TNT will still titillate us with subtext, as they'd be stupid not to; however, TNT's original shows are very much lacking in concrete gay content. Like on Leverage, they hinted that Parker is probably at least bisexual, but now they're pairing her off with Hardison. Disappointment.
But I would definitely love to be shown wrong!

nicole said...

i can't believe i haven't seen this!! i love it, it's hilarious. i like how the cons for Jane are what Maura said in the ep I Kissed A Girl.
and the pros for maura, love them :)
"have you seen her hair?"- so true!! definitely a pro!
i also love that your Sara Ramirez posts are mainly Calzona posts lol

MormonLesbian said...

I love Sara Ramirez, really, I do... But JCap... she really turns my crank in the best way possible.