Monday, September 27, 2010

Rizzles Rewind Recap #2: Boston Strangler Redux

Thanks for reading! Enjoy! And don't forget to click the screencaps for enlarged goodness.

*I always disapprove of creepy men breaking into girls' houses to strangle them.
*How you know Jane Rizzoli is gay: Look at her softball getup.

She's not messin' around.
*Awww... Maura cheering for Jane.

What a supportive girlfriend.
*Marfan Man says to Maura, "It fits nice too." In a creepy way about her baseball "uniform." I don't disagree, but it's just creepy when he says it.
What she said: Ha... (Not even a full courtesy chuckle. A half of a 'ha.')
What she meant: Ha, nice try, creeper. It'll be Jane that will be helping me take off this uniform.

Marfan Man: "If you get a hit, I'll buy you dinner."
What she said: You're on.
What she meant: You're on. Even though it's never gonna happen between us, I never turn down a free dinner.
*Maura's turn up at bat.

Lovin' how the femme showed everyone up...
*Maura, you tease. Jane's getting jealous...

"Oh my God, you're flirting over a dead body.

What she said: When else am I going to do it?
What she meant: Wait... Don't we always flirt over dead bodies with each other?
*Although I guess it's understandable how some people were confused and thought that Jane was interested in Grant...
Here's the difference between not interested and interested:
NOT interested


I hope that clears things up...
*Jane: "I'm not a frog face!"

What she said: No!
What she meant: No. You really don't know? You're gorgeous my friend. Oh, wait... That's next episode...
*Mama Rizzoli tells Jane how's she's missing out in life without a husband.

Husband? Have you met me, Ma?

See, flirting over dead bodies...
* *Sigh* Maura, just give up on men. Your dates with Jane are never this painful and awkward.
Marfan Man: Is there anything you don't know?
What she said: Of course.
What she meant: Of course, I don't know how straight girls suffer through this.

What she said: Your skin is a little rough.
What she meant: Your skin is a little rough. Not soft like Jane's.

What she said: Explains the Dolichostenomelia... elongated limbs.
What she meant: You look like a freak.

"She'll never judge me, tease me."
I know, Maura. It can be tough being gay.

Calm down, Jane. Nothing's going on between them.
But still, Frost flees, worried that Jane will be mad at him.
What he said: I don't wanna get in your guys' way.
What he meant: I don't wanna get in your guys' way, you know, in case you decide to get freaky at work.
*Ah, yes... Only a lesbian would think that batting practice is the answer to feeling better.

They're too professional to help each other "feel better" the old-fashioned way...

*Don't feel bad, Maura. I get the same look when I hold a bat too.

*Hmmm, fighting over who gets to wield the phallus-shaped object...

What she said: Miniskirts freed women.
What she meant: Those short shorts you wore were nice, but I want to see you in a miniskirt.

What she said: They were practical and liberating.
What she meant: Easy access.
*"Now why would a skinny greaseball dyke detective be lookin' for my son?"

She may be old, but she is perceptive... Although I do disagree with the "greaseball" part.
*Blah, blah, blah. Red herring death enthusiast. Blah, blah. New body.

What she said: Not now, Maura. I'm in a bad mood.
What she meant: Not now, Maura. This isn't a good time for phone sex.
*We found the Boston Strangler!

*Or not...

Oh, Rizzles is onto you.
*Maura's in danger!

And that's what happens when you mess with Jane Rizzoli's girlfriend.

What she said: I don't date patients.
What she meant: I don't date men.

What she said: You don't want to go out with him because he's got some weird ass disease.
What she meant: You don't want to go out with him because he's got a penis.
*Jane to Maura: "You gotta stop that. You gotta stop diagnosing people."

Jane, you're perfect.
*Jane: "I date two kinds. The kind that hates that I'm a cop, and the kind that wants me to use the handcuffs."

Is it bad that I want you to use the handcuffs on me, Jane?

Oh Jane, I love it when we mess with guys.
*And here comes Grant to ruin the party...

What she said: Oh, yay...
What she meant: Why is it that when guys see two gorgeous women together they think they need a man?
*At least the episode ends with Rizzles alone and happy.


HappyFool said...

The "not interested" and "interested" part made me so ROFL!!!

Nicola said...

What she said: Your skin is a little rough.
What she meant: Your skin is a little rough. Not soft like Jane's.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you say you've got heaps of screencaps, right? So do you have any of the front of the Boston Homicide jerseys? I'm looking for a full front on so that you can see the design. If you have a good one, can you please email it/them to me? cuddy_cameron[at]hotmail[dot]com.

I love you're reviews! They are awesome! :P I've read them all. And you have the best pics. :)

MormonLesbian said...

Screencaps sent!

Anonymous said...

i love love love what she said and what she meant. as far as maura's softball uniform goes i am always torn between thinking 'omg does she actually think softball players wear that' and 'thank you producers and wardrobe people and whoever else for putting her in that' and i love the interested/not interested if only for another chance to see sasha's magnificent cleavage. that look on jane's face when she's protecting maura is almost feral