Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Your Boogie Man

First things first, Sasha Alexander's acting was brilliant in this episode. Now back to your regularly scheduled recap... (Reminder: Click the pictures to see the full-size image!)

*Hello Angie without a bra!

*Gasp! Someone's watching Rizzoli from the bushes. Oh, right... that would be me. Guilty.

*Oh, Maura knows ALL about whether or not Jane got a good night's sleep or not... But seriously, I think their intuition about each other goes beyond just good detective (or medical examiner) work.

*Jane's nightmare of "I dreamed I showed up to work in my underwear" is apparently Maura's fantasy. C'mon, this is her reaction:

Yep, that would be wide-eyed delight.

*Cut from crime scene to Jane at the bar with her brother, Frankie. Silly Jane! Women don't have lives outside of their husbands! Women don't get to make choices about their lives. (Sorry, it's the Mormon thing...)

*And Jane flirts with the new waitress girl... (And on the next episode of Rizzoli & Isles, Jane and her brother go out cruising for women together. I wish.)

Back in the "real world," the waitress goes for Frankie.

*Okay, seriously... Only Sasha Alexander can pull off looking cute dressed like this. Holding a human heart, no less.

Well, it works for me...

*Jane is, once again, scared to be alone. Um, of course Maura will stay with you, Jane. Have you not been watching the show? Sheesh.

*Maura wants to show Jane that she can protect her just as good (if not better) as any man.

Aren't her eyes just begging, "Please, Jane. Teach me how to shoot a gun." So adorable. And of course, Jane can't resist (I mean, hello, could you?)

*Really, I could do a whole post filled with screencaps and commentary on how sexy Jane teaching Maura how to shoot was.

My favorite part:
"You look good."

I can't decide if this look says, "Aw shucks," or "Damn straight!"

*"Do I look badass?"

"Yeah, you look like a badass."
Correction: We've seen Maura's ass... it is definitely NOT bad.

*Maura pretending her fingers are Jane's lips...

Right, Maura. You aren't bossy...

*Back at work... "It's very distracting to work in a wrinkled dress." Just say what you mean Maura! Just tell Jane that you except to be able to keep some clothes at her place for sleepovers. Although I don't know why she doesn't already keep some clothes at Jane's house. She's ALWAYS over there.
Anyways, Jane tells her to go home and change. And best Rizzles line of the show: "No, I'm not leaving you."

*Damn you, Billy Burke! Nobody wants you here.
Jane is thinking: Yeah, I'll get coffee with you. But let me look over my shoulder to check and see if it's okay with my girlfriend.
Like Maura Isles would ever be threatened by you... HA!
*"Hello, Mr. Hoyt. Stay the f--k away from my girlfriend."

*Hoyt compares Isles to him. And Maura being the sensitive femme, takes it personally. Jane, of course, tries to get Maura alone. "Yeah, Billy? Do you think you can leave? No one (and I really mean no one) wants you here."
--Insert Tender Moment Here--

*Best line:
Korsak to Isles: "Jane's right, you are one impressive chick." Of course Jane is always talking about Maura.

*Moral of the Episode: A girl that doesn't reciprocate Jane Rizzoli's flirting is obviously evil.
And she's a homophobe, too. Lola to Jane: "It's not the kind of relationship someone like you could understand."

*Worst Part of the Episode: No Maura/Jane Ending. And don't get me started about the kiss... *eye roll*
But who wants to end on that note?



Noj said...

Loving your R&I recaps please keep them coming. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear MormonLesbian,

I think your recaps are fantastic and just because Snarker, over at AE, is recapping R&I doesn't mean you should stop doing yours because I love them and they are hilarious. I also love the fact that your recaps are impulsed by your ::ahem:: slight obsession with Rizzle..much like myself!! Keep them coming ;)

MormonLesbian said...

Thank you both for your comments!
I do plan on continuing to recap so I can at least have a semi-feasible excuse to obsessively take screencaps of the episodes haha

And my obsession has probably advanced beyond "slight" now haha

Anonymous said...

There can't be too many subtext recaps for this show! I love how you picked up a couple of moments that I haven't seen commented on elsewhere:

(1) "Of course Jane is always talking about Maura."
Yep, that's what I was thinking too!

(2) That beautiful look that Maura gives Jane just after Jane says "My mom's going to hate her" - that is where your final screencap comes from, right? Maura gives Jane so many of those looks it's insane, but this is one of my favorites.

Anyway, well done, and keep them coming!

MormonLesbian said...

Yes, it's after "My mom's going to hate her."
And you know Maura is smiling because Rizzoli's mom LOOOVES her.

Avram Moheda said...

they are so clearly lovers or wanting to be

Anonymous said...

"*Jane is, once again, scared to be alone. Um, of course Maura will stay with you, Jane. Have you not been watching the show? Sheesh."

lol...awesome recap. Please keep it up, this is wonderful!

Dr. G said...

As always, such a wonderful recap! I look forward to it almost as much as the show. I'm always anxious to see what look you will manage to capture in your screen caps. I, too, missed them being together at the end but at least Jane sent him packing. Wish they had been standing up for the gun training session but it was still HOT!!

I loved Sasha's acting and new insights into both the characters. Another great line: "Aren't we a pair." Let's not forget it was said while they were holding hands!

Anonymous said...

I loved how Maura barely let Jane and boring guy get half way through their lattes before she was calling Jane to bring a quick end to their little "date".
And Jane seemed more than a little pleased about it. "Oh, it's Maura. Gotta go."

Anonymous said...

hey MormonLesbian, i loved your recap! and i LOVE the fact that you're currently obessing over this show as much as me!!! hahaha. i hope you will continue to recap the rest of the season. now, on a random note:

~ protective Maura = HOT
~ i want Jane & Maura cutesy photobooth pics!!
~ i am convinced that Jane DID end the nite with her lady! after her 'date' with agent Zzz... she packed up those left overs and went right on over to Maura's place for another friendly "sleepover" =P hahaha

MormonLesbian said...

Dr. G, I totally didn't catch the "Aren't we a pair" bit. I had to rewatch the episode (sooo painful for me as you can imagine, haha).

And Jane/Maura photobooth pics, ending with a kiss :), would be a dream haha.

notsure2010 said...

I am just about as anti-gun as a person can be, but the gun scene in this episode has totally changed my mind. Is there anything better than Sasha's arms? Maybe Jane smiling at Sasha's arms.

Anonymous said...

just like you i love when jane told maura "you look good" because everyone can tell the tone she used was a tone you use with someone who's more than a friend. am i right or am i right. lol. and we all know what it means when you wear the same thing to work two days in a row. LOL. and even though maura hated the wrinkles i love how she went all 'wrinkles be damned. i'm staying with you' and that last screencap has to be the cherry on top because no one and i mean no one gazes like that at someone who is just a friend

Anonymous said...

and i also wanted to add when lola told jane "It's not the kind of relationship someone like you could understand."

she probably means someone sane like jane couldn't understand because obviously lola is a grade a psycho. LOL. i just couldn't resist adding one last little comment on this one.

MormonLesbian said...

Oh, THAT must have been what Lola meant...

Anonymous said...

LOL. must have been. *wink*