Friday, August 27, 2010

Angie Harmon Loves Gay People

And guess what, Angie? I love you too. Angie Harmon was on Chelsea Lately last night (a few hours ago, really). The whole "interview" was essentially about how Angie Harmon is a Republican and loves her gays. Well, that and how FANTASTIC Angie's body looks after having three kids (seriously, smoking hot).

Best part: Chelsea Handler mentions Rizzoli & Isles and says, "If you're gay, you should watch it." Really, if you're a lesbian and NOT watching it, get it together and start!

And to all those gay Republicans out there, Chelsea says "wake the f**k up."

Here's the interview:


Dr. G said...

You did not disappoint! Thanks to your heads up I caught this interview last night and was thinking the same thing--we love you too, Angie! I got the impression that Chelsea has not seen the show or she would have invariably commented on the lesbian subtext since they were already talking about all things gay. Angie was smoking! Thanks for the screen caps and video!

MormonLesbian said...

Thanks for your comments!
Yeah, if Chelsea were more familiar with the show, she could have easily tossed in a little something when they were discussing Angie and gays (especially with the "lesbian episode")