Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Wish You Were Gay" Wednesday

Surprise, surprise, I wish Angie Harmon were gay. I don't care if she's a Republican. I used to be one so I'm in no position to judge. Yes, I know I've talked my face off about Rizzoli & Isles, Sasha Alexander, and Angie Harmon; however, there is a reason that she is my first nominee of sorts for "Wish You Were Gay" Wednesday. Angie Harmon will be on Chelsea Lately tomorrow. Watch it. I don't watch any talk show regularly, but I watch certain episodes if they have someone I like on it. Someone like Angie Harmon. Sure, she may talk about being a Republican, but she may talk about the lezzie fanbase/subtext of R&I. I definitely wouldn't be surprised if Chelsea goes there.

If that isn't enough convincing, watch it for this:

That right there is why I wish she were gay. Oh, and she's a talented actress, has that sexy voice, and I'm sure she's a sweet and amazing lady in real life (Whoopi says she is, so she must be). The picture's all the convincing I need... (Seriously, click the picture. Bigger is definitely better in this instance.)

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Dr. G said...

That was a wonderful thing to see at the start of my day yesterday! Thanks for the heads up about Angie on Chelsey Lately tonight. It is such an outspoken show that I can hardly wait to see what is discussed...and Angie's reaction to it.