Saturday, August 7, 2010

And Then Came Lola...

I watched this film the day it came it out on DVD. I LOOOOVE Jill Bennett, so I found it an obligatory viewing. Also, I'm a huge fan of Run Lola Run (the German film that And Then Came Lola was based on).

With Run Lola Run, I was excited for each little segment of the film (it's divided into three stories or acts). I wanted to see what would happen and it was very life or death. And Then Came Lola was a little less captivating. I found myself thinking, "I have to watch three of these?" Also, it didn't capture the brilliant quirkiness of its German counterpart.

However, And Then Came Lola had three good factors.
1. It's about lesbians.

2. Ashleigh Sumner is great. And you did actually want her character to win out in the end.

3. Jill Bennett

C'mon, she's gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

oooo ive been wanting to see this!

Marvelous Mertyl said...

You're absolutely right about Jill! Have you seen her latest project? It's a web series called We Have To Stop Now. It is very funny and extremely well done. Enjoy!

MormonLesbian said...

Yes! I've only seen the first season and thought it's great. Then again, I could watch Jill Bennett just sit and read the phone book. I haven't bought/subscribed to the second season yet. But I'm really excited about it.

Anonymous said...

Both Jill Bennett and Ashleigh Summer are in the celebrity Vagina Monologues in Sherman Oaks, CA, May 9th and May 8th, 2011, respectively. Found your blog while I was googling for tickets and thought you might like to know. Cool blog!