Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fall Line-Up (AKA "Life Without Rizzoli & Isles")

Summer's almost over, which means one thing: Fall Television. Weeds and The Big C started up last Sunday, but since I have Showtime I really don't care until they come out on DVD. Luckily, network television won't keep me wanting for too long.

Shows I Plan to Watch

1. Castle (returning to ABC on September 20)
Love me some Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic). Then there's Nathan Fillion, who is hilarious and fantastic (and I'm a sucker for almost every part of the Whedon-verse).

2. House (returning to Fox on September 20)
Yes, Olivia Wilde (Thirteen) is taking a brief hiatus to do film (Olivia Wilde on the big screen? No complaints here...).

But I think I can get by looking at just Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

3. Chuck (returning to NBC September 20)
Yvonne StraHOTski

Need I say more?

4. No Ordinary Family (coming to ABC on September 28)
Yes, I'll miss Lovely Rita (Julie Benz) on Dexter and Robin/Katherine on Desperate Housewives. Luckily, Julie Benz has a new show. Sci-fi/drama about a family with super powers. I've been curious about the show for awhile since Benz has been posting photos from the set on her Twitter (

Alright, maybe I care less about the show and more about that...

5. Glee (returning to Fox on September 21)
Chris Colfer. Lea Michele. JANE LYNCH. Dianna Agron.

And of course, Brittana.

6. Running Wilde (coming to Fox on September 21)
It's a comedy starring Will Arnett. "Come on!" If you haven't seen Arrested Development, watch it now. Funniest. Show. Ever. And it has lesbian golden girl Portia De (Rossi/Generes). Portia De is also rumored to pop on RW once in awhile (possibly playing a lesbian?). Also, has David Cross (Arrested Development, as well). But yeah, yeah, who cares? It's Keri Russell. Only getting more gorgeous with age.

Felicity did nothing for me, but this... Stamp of Approval!

7. Modern Family (returns to ABC on September 22)
Yeah, everyone loves Sofia Vergara.

Personally, I'll take Julie Bowen over Sofia any day.

(By the way, the correct spelling of "Bowen" is "MILF.")

8. 30 Rock (returning to NBC on September 23)
Ummm, Tina Fey.

And... what else? Oh yeah, Tina Fey.

9. Body of Proof (will be on ABC on Fridays this Fall)
I worship Dana Delany. Gorgeous. Jeri Ryan (Star Trek; Leverage) also stars, but it's Dana effing Delany.

10. Blue Bloods (new show coming to CBS on September 24)
Honestly, I know absolutely nothing about this show except that Bridget Moynahan is in it. I'll watch anything with her in it. I watched the unfortunately short-lived show Six Degrees (watch it free on Hulu) and rented/watched repeatedly/bought Gray Matters because of her.

11. Desperate Housewives (returning to ABC on September 26)
My guilty pleasure. I will miss Dana Delany (Katherine), but I am sooo in love with Marcia Cross. Keep your Eva Longoria Parkers and Teri Hatchers. I love this redhead.

I even stop fast-forwarding my DVR to watch her Motts commercials.

12. Lie to Me (We got some episodes this summer, but it returns late in the Fall on November 10)
I fell in love with Kelli Williams when she was on The Practice (although my real love on that show was Lara Flynn Boyle, even though she did need to eat a sandwich or two). She's even more gorgeous.
To top it all off, Jennifer Beals guest stars quite frequently (although not frequently enough and likely even less now that she has her new show Ride-Along that is supposed to come to Fox sometime mid-season). Which brings me to something else, Lightman's daughter on Lie to Me... how did J. Beals and Lightman create that girl. Yes, she's pretty, but red-headed?

I'm now beginning to see why I don't have a girlfriend...

(As always, feel free to click the pictures for the larger version).


Anonymous said...

I loved the pics. Hot :) I did love Carrie Russell as Felicity tho

nicole said...

oh my god you watch every show that i watch and for all the same reasons!! you are awesome.

A Hopeful Girl said...

OMG!! I love Marcia Cross too...I actually stopped my DVR to watch her Motts commerical too! :))

MormonLesbian said...

*sigh* She's fantastic, isn't she? :)

alex dumas said...

I really miss Lie to Me. A lot.