Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sing to Me, Please

I had no idea what to post for today since I'm out of Maurizona goodness. It was suggested to me that I have more Missy Higgins. So, I was thinking of my favorite female musicians. Seven Word document pages later, I decided that I was going to have narrow it down. So, these are not my favorite female artists, but I do really like them. And they are all ridiculously good looking (which is what helped narrow down my selection process).

Missy Higgins
Love her. Love Aussies. And I love that she's bisexual and that some of her songs are about relationships with women. And, well, I love that she's adorable.

Sarah Blasko
Another Australian! They really do have heaps of talent down there, don't they?

Coralie Clément
So, now I'm out of Oz and into France. I love Coralie Clément and she's gorgey too.

The Pipettes
Although The Pipettes have recently gone under a group member remodel...
...I still love them. They are a British indie pop band that is FANTASTIC. And they recently released a new album in the UK, Earth vs. The Pipettes.
And Gwenno Saunders...
P.S. This video totally might make you say, "What the fuh?"

Cheryl Cole
I LOVE Cheryl Cole. She walks the line between gorgeous and adorable.
She was in the British pop group Girls Aloud, but is now doing solo stuff. And she's one of the judges on the British version of American Idol, X Factor.

(No, this isn't a single from her new album, Messy Little Raindrops, but I just like the song... or I really like how hot she is in the video)
And did I mention how hot she is?

Garfunkel & Oates
These girls are hilarious.
You may recognize them from TV/movies. Riki Lindhome has appeared on pretty much every TV show: House, Nip/Tuck, Criminal Minds, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, Pushing Daisies, Buffy... And she was in the web series GirlTrash! Kate Micucci was on Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother. Plus, she has a little solo performance thing called, "Playin' With Micucci." And yes, her name is pronounced how you think.
Anyway, hilarious.

And Kate Micucci is adorable.

Coming Tomorrow: Girls With Guns


Fiona said...

Good start to my Friday. Time to get Missy and Sarah back on high rotation :)

Lisa Mitchell is my other cute Aussie muso of the moment.

I'll have to check out the others when I have more quota in a few days!

MormonLesbian said...

I LOVE Lisa Mitchell. But Aussies were already dominating enough on this post :)

nicole said...

Kate Micucci is my fav :) she has a reoccurring role on Raising Hope which is adorable and hilarious!!
and their songs are PURE GENIUS!

Dani Tooly said...

Great blog, chick.
X factor isn't actually the American version of American Idol It's a different franchise (both created by Cowell, though). Brits did have pop Idol, that was the Brit version of American Idol.
I'm sorry I have an over whelming urge to correct the tiniest things. My bad :) x

MormonLesbian said...

No worries. And thanks. And I know that X Factor isn't the American version since the set-up is very different and all that. But I was just giving my fellow Americans the idea of what X Factor is using terminology that they understand :D

Abby said...

LMAO at the Garfunkel & Oates video!

Anonymous said...

Check out Lindi Ortega, alt-country artist from Toronto. Just do a Google image search. Seriously, smokin' hot.

For listening, try "Dying of Another Broken Heart".

Enjoy. ;)