Monday, November 1, 2010

Kate Todd on the High Seas

So, no lesbian subtext in this episode (at least none that my really crappy gaydar could detect); however, this doesn't mean the episode is without its homoerotic subtext! Chock full of it!

*We learn that Kate Todd is versatile... She can catch AND pitch... *cough* And by that I meant that she can toss and catch a cricket ball.

*Only Sasha can pull off this look...

*Okay, I don't know if you remember/have seen this episode, but Burley and Gibbs... There's a lotta heat between those two.
*So, Kate is moving about the carrier, unwilling to admit that she's lost. And she comes across a guy peeing.

(We learn this guy is Dr. Charles Percy from Grey's Anatomy, if you read my Katizona post)
*Kate then sasses some half-naked guys (I'm Special Agent Kate Todd from NCIS. "I'm announced."), not even batting an eye at these guys in the almost nudie pants.

*Swear to Little Baby Jesus, not lying about that homoerotic subtext.

Kate isn't happy about this because her and Gibbs should be together (Kibbs!)
*Kate got a little frazzled thinking she was lost whilst looking for the urinalysis testing place...

But nope, she was in the right place.
*Seriously? Drink some water, team.

*Kate and the Navy guy talk about the urinalysis testing.
Kate: "Do you watch?"
Apparently someone "observes casually by mirror." *cough*
Kate: "And if someone wanted to beat it?" (Hahaha!)
Navy Guy: "Ma'am?"
Kate: "The system."
Navy Guy & Me: "Oh..."

*Homoerotic subtext was all up in this bizz. Tony got jealous of how Burley and Gibbs were spending so much time "watching videos" together. Kate comforted him by saying, "You can't compare the relationships." I mean, the real relationship with Gibbs and anyone is Gibbs and Kate. Alright, let's get real, if you're annoyed by Kibbs shippers, stop reading my NCIS posts. I love Kibbs. Seriously, Sasha and people with the last name 'Harmon'... It should always happen.
*I don't know what's happening, but Kate looks hott.

*Once again, just hott.

*I know you haven't seen enough Sasha...

Coming Tomorrow: My late Grey's/Calzona post (Blame iTunes... It's a dirty whore.)


nicole said...

yay! you're post is up!! i was worried i would be asleep and have to wait a whole eight hours to read it :)
i loved that you posted the text about "beating it" one of the funniest lines in season one!
and the pics of her from the end of the episode, she was really and by really i mean REALLY hot. every time i watch this ep i look forward to that scene, there's something about that... i don't what it is but it's amazing.
wait till season two :)
also loved the comment about itunes, cracked me up :)

MormonLesbian said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't go to sleep!

And yes, Sasha looks damn hot in green.

notsure2010 said...

Loving the screencaps, as usual! Have you seen episode 2.16, "Pop Life"? Not much subtext, but some serious Sasha hotness and I'm sure your screencaps would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind you shipping Kate and Gibbs at all. Hey, even though I'm most partial to femslash pairing myself, I've shipped my share of het couples (Buffy/Angel way back when, for one); it's about chemistry!

I never watched NCIS, and probably won't get around to it, so thanks for screencapping Sasha/Kate and doing these funny subtexty posts :-).

MormonLesbian said...

I've only watched through 1x08 so far. But don't worry, I plan on watching all the Sasha/Kate episodes.

Dr. G said...

I love Kate Todd! I can't wait to see your caps and comments as you keep watching all the eps. The hair color fits now that I have seen Sasha in multiple roles. Kate Todd oozes confidence and control. My partner and I were planning to watch another NCIS episode tonight downstairs and I said, "We can't because Sasha's in the bedroom"(where we had watched an ep the other night). Those words sure sounded good as they came out of my mouth. LOL! Thanks as always!

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah, I like the hair now too. Even though I still think, "I wish this were Maura..." I do love Kate Todd. I'm not excited for when she starts dating Tony. From the clips I've seen, she seems more ditzy. Not like she would be if she dated Gibbs... just sayin'.

Sasha in the bedroom, haha. That's awesome.

Dr. G said...

Kate starts dating Tony! I need some advanced notice for that as it just seems WRONG! Unless of course it is as a ploy to make Gibbs jealous. Kibbs all the way for me!

MormonLesbian said...

Aaah, sorry. I didn't know that you didn't know it was Kate/Tony. And yeah, disapprove.

cameron_sarah said...

"Seriously, Sasha and people with the last name 'Harmon'... It should always happen."

OMG LOL'D SO LOUD AT THAT!! :D No really, it's trufax. It should always just happen.

(also, I have a Kibbs poster on my wall. though that doesn't mean much, cause I also have Zibbs. I ship them all more father/daughter.)

MormonLesbian said...

Father/daughter? I think the sexual tension between Kibbs makes that creepy...
And not so much on Zibbs. I do support Tiva.

cameron_sarah said...

There is sexual tension? I think I am just blind to everything that involves a man of any sort. It's a condition. :P

But I do ship Kibbs the most. Second only to Jenny/Ziva (I don't know if there is a term for that one :P )

MormonLesbian said...

Haha, I was thinking that I just see sexual tension when it isn't always necessarily there. I think that's also a condition...

Gotta be honest, I've only seen the first eight episodes of NCIS so I have no idea who Jenny is. I only know about Tony/Ziva because of Tumblr, haha.

cameron_sarah said...

Well wait till you get to S3. Jenny and Ziva have all these 'secrets' cause they've worked some kind of terroist opps together (from memory) and Ziva saved Jenny's life once. It's pretty awesome. :P