Friday, November 26, 2010

Girls With Guns, Part IX

Sofia Vergara
Kill shot!

Julie Benz
Not my favorite pic of Benz, but she's still hot.

Eva Mendes

Kyra Sedgwick
I LOVE Brenda Leigh Johnson!

Penelope Cruz
I honestly have no idea how I haven't posted Penelope before... She's gorgey and I LOVE Spaniards.

Sasha Alexander
Kate Todd at the shooting range.

Angie Harmon


nicole said...

i love how you added the screencap of Sofia Vergara from Modern Family, that scene was hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Angie and Sasha <3

Dr. G said...

I'm about six blog posts behind so I'll be making all my past due comments now. I was excited when I knew you were going to screen cap the ep at the shooting range because that meant Kate Todd in a cap!! I loved that scene on Modern Family too! Sofia is hott!!