Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Ordinary Blog Post

I was fairly unimpressed with most of the new Fall shows.

Biggest disappointment for me? Running Wilde. I thought, "Will Arnett and Mitch Hurwitz teaming up again? Awesome. AND Keri Russell?
But, I barely made it through the pilot without chewing through my arm because of how much I disliked it.

And despite Bridget Moynahan's hotness
I didn't even start watching Blue Bloods. Although I am THRILLED it took Donnie Wahlberg far, far away from our Janie...

This is all good, as I really don't need more TV addictions. But there is a new show that I love, No Ordinary Family.
If you don't watch the show, basically it's about a family that gets superpowers and then has to deal with all of the repercussions. Blah, blah, who cares... The best part of the show: the hotties.

Christina Chang
Although she was only around for two episodes, she's hot. Hot cop. Hot.

Autumn Reeser
It's Taylor Townsend from The OC!
She was so annoying and I hated when she got with Ryan, but I think she's super adorable now.

Julie Benz
I loved her on Dexter,
on Angel, and as the hot lesbian stripper on Desperate Housewives
(even though I was sooo jealous of her for getting to kiss Dana Delany).


And that's the real reason why I love the show.


nicole said...

dude! for rizzles i only started watching NOF for Julie Benz, she's the best part! And her husband needs to do what she says cause it's julie benz for crying out loud if i was her husband and she was like "i don't want you to fight crime" i'd be like "okay Julie Benz i won't...you're so pretty...:)"
i love how there's now a NOF post :) these have to be a regular thing now, you know that right?? at least the Jule Benz part oh and Autumn Reeser because she is very adorable AND a redhead :)

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah, I only started watching for her too, haha.
And I agree. Michael Chiklis needs to get his ish together and listen to his hot wife!
And maybe I'll post some screencaps once in awhile... for you.

nicole said...

yay! i love when the screencaps are for me :D

Leigh-Ann said...

I just found your blog today via... well, I don't remember, but it was linked somewhere... and wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying it. I also wanted to thank you for being young, yet still thinking women like Dana Delany are hot. I'm older than you are, but younger than DD, so it's nice to know I'm not totally washed up!

MormonLesbian said...

Thanks for reading! And yeah, I actually prefer older women...

alex dumas said...

I agree that the best part of No Ordinary Family was Julie Benz. I have such fantasies about that woman.