Monday, November 22, 2010

The Continued Adventures of Kate Todd

Here's my mini-cap for "Marine Down"...
(Click the screencaps for the full Kate Todd goodness)

*I have no idea how the marine died or what happened here... All my recap notes say is, "Some kind of shenanigans is happening in Pirate Cove"... Whatever that means.
*I just about died because... Kate Todd at the shooting range!
Tony: Nervous, Kate?
Kate: Shaking.

*Dear John Rubinstein,
Move your damn name!
But look at her hands... I do really like hands...
*Gibbs says, "Kate, I think you're holdin' back." You know, because he loves her and knows her true potential.
Gibbs: Relax your shoulders. (Along with a little gratuitous touching...)
This is making me miss recapping Rizzles hardcore...
*Some Kibbs adorableness

*Seriously, this woman is so freaking sexy.
Kate to Tony: I have a suggestion... Break into Gibbs’s basement and we set his boat on fire.
I don't get it, Kate. Why can’t you do that after he falls asleep when you’re over there? Oh, right... You don't want him to know it's you.

*Kate talks to the widow of the Marine.

*Tony doesn't have high enough clearance to... do... something on the computer. Kate tries.
And fails.

*Awww, Kate shot her space brick.

*Tony: Thanks for the new cap, Kate.
Kate: Not a problem.

This is how truly ship-worthy couples give and accept presents:
Maura: I like presents!

*Insert some actual plot action here. Lots of cover-ups, fake Colonels, and whatnot.

*Kate and Tony are arguing about what the Fake Colonel's nose looked like. (Insert lame ass KFC joke here)

*Kate volunteers to make some phone calls, which throws everyone off. But really...
Kate is all sly and an awesome multi-tasker. Not to mention a fantastic artist. Using menial work so that she can sketch Fake Colonel.

*Bam, b*tches! That's how Kate Todd does things.

*Kate's just happy that she was able to impress Jethro Gibbs.
Although we all know she impresses him every day, well, every night.

*Tony flips through Kate's sketch book and finds:
Come on... Who doesn't have that expression on their face when they look at Kate Todd?

*Tony then tries to see the one she did of Gibbs. And Kate freaks out. She obviously didn't want the team to see doodles from an infatuated schoolgirl...
Kate: I hate to break it to you, Tony. But Gibbs can be wrong sometimes.
Tony: Name once.
Kate: The man's been married like four times.
And she's wife number five... Gibbs finally gets it right with Kate.

Tony: I'm a man of action, Kate.
Kate: More like an action figure.
Tony: Why? You want to play with me?
Kate: As in you look good, but you really can't do much.
Tony: But I look good!
What Her Face Says: Idiot...

*Stolen glance at Gibbs!

*Kate gets sick on the plane, but is still smokin' hot.

*Let's talk about this top... Wait. Let's not talk and just look.

*Anywho, the team's in Colombia and is looking for someone who has switched teams (not in that way, in the bad guy way) and took 2 million dollars that was supposed to be ransom money.
Man: If I was rogue, you think I'd be sitting in this office sweating my ass off, Agent Todd?
Kate: I don't know. Let me see your ass.

*So, what follows is some dramatic sneaking into a funeral home and having a shoot-out.

(The rest of the Kate Todd with gun screencaps from this episode will be posted in Girls With Guns... some day...)

Coming Next Week: Kate Todd and Even More Lesbian Subtext


Doom Kitteh said...

Far too distracted by the sceencaps to pay attention to anything else... lmao!

MormonLesbian said...

Completely understandable :D

nicole said...

the scene where she sketches the fake colonel is one of my favs because we also get to see her sketches of tony and abby :)
her top was the first thing i noticed in that screencap then i saw the caption haha
reading these makes me want to watch more NCIS :D

Anonymous said...

Good lord that white top with the...rawr.

You so know that Gibbs took her home and well....took her - both after the shooting range and after she saved his life.

Carla Schmidt Holloway said...

Hmm, Kate/Gibbs fanfiction. Always saw the tension, never thought to look that up. Must pursue when I have free time. Great post!

Dr. G said...

I re-watched this ep when I knew you were going to feature it next on your blog. I love all the Kibbs interaction...him touching her shoulders, putting her cap back on, etc. And I really love Kate with a gun and in a ball cap! Everyone should check out the Kibbs fic...some good stuff!

MormonLesbian said...

I have read some Kibbs fic. And I will say that I did enjoy some of it.