Monday, November 29, 2010

Kate Todd: Left For Dead

Homoerotic subtext galore in this episode! Which unfortunately means not very much Kibbs. (Note: I could have skewed some parts to still support Kibbs, but I'm having lesbian subtext withdrawal... Rizzoli & Isles needs to be back on my TV... now.
Second Note: Click the screencaps for the enlarged goodness)

*Some lady was buried alive, but she survived and knows that there is a bomb on a ship. Other than that, she has amnesia.
*Tibbs subtext: Tony knows where the TVs in Gibbs’ house are (i.e., whether or not there’s one in the bedroom…) and has stayed over before.
*Kate Todd goes to the hospital to check on the amnesia lady.

*This doctor is totally flirting with Kate Todd using Maura Isles-like random trivia. The problem: He's so not cute like Maura Isles is.

*How can anyone blame the guy for crushin' on Kate when she flashes a smile like this:
*In an attempt to find out the woman's identity, Kate fingerprints her.
But instead of having the woman wipe the ink off herself, she does it.
Oh, lezzie subtext, how I've missed you...
*In other news, Amnesia Lady slowly starts to remember things, like the fact that she likes blueberries.
*Ugh, now I recognize her... It's Anna Nardini. She had a stupid daughter that ruined lives on Gilmore Girls.
Hmm, she's hotter with long hair...
*Amnesia Lady: Why do you believe in me?

Kate Todd: Because I want to get in your pants, er, gown.
(What she really said: Why do you like blueberries?)
Hopefully because they're delicious and make you want to take your clothes off...
*Tony: What if the attacker returns?
Kate: She'll be in protective custody... at my place.
*Kate sends the woman off with the doctor to borrow some clothes to wear.
Kate: I'll join you in a minute.
I'm sure you will... *wink*
*Tony: Whoa! What's with you and Jane Doe?
(See, even Tony sees it. And it's Tony!)

Kate: She'll be occupying my spare bedroom so I don't have to say 'no' to you.
(Oh... "spare bedroom"... right.)

*Kate: Take my clothes... Actually, let me help you change...
Wait, that last part was just me.
*Random Kate Todd sexiness
*Jane Doe feels a little dizzy. Kate asks if she wants to go back to the hospital. Jane Doe instantly says, "No!"
Jane Doe: I think I'm just weak from hunger. I don't remember the last time I ate.
And this was seriously the look they shared after she said that:
So, Kate takes her to go eat.

*Jane Doe remembers that she has an ugly coat like Kate's.
That's one of the main reasons I prefer Maura over Kate. Besides being brilliant (not that Kate isn't smart, she is), Maura knows how to dress. 90% of Kate's wardrobe... not a fan.

*Jane Doe and Kate Todd have a romantic dinner.
Jane Doe: You've been wonderful to me. I do really appreciate it, Kate.
I'm sure she'll show her appreciation later...

*Jane Doe is not Jane Doe, but Suzanne. So, Suzanne goes and sees some corpse of a guy she killed and remembers it. But she lies to Kate. Not good for a relationship... just sayin'.
Gibbs: She didn't recognize the bald man?
Kate: No, all she felt was sympathy for him.
Oh, Kate... Blinded by lust.
Aaand Gibbs hangs up on Kate.
Don't worry, he's just jealous of you and Suzanne.
By the way, Kate, I would never hang up on you.

*Kate: There's plenty of time for a husband and kids, Suzanne.
Or, you know, a hot NCIS wife and kids.
Suzanne: The good ones are all married.
Kate's a little disappointed that Suzanne doesn't see what's right in front of her.

*Suzanne wants to go back to work.
Why do Sasha's characters always give in to pleading women?
Taking a crazy back to her workplace/leaving a dead body as a trap... same thing.

*So, Suzanne is being a crazy person and confronting her married former lover. Tony is too busy trying to get into Gibbs' bed to notice that Suzanne is a bucket full of crazy. Luckily, Kate is there.
*Suzanne blows everyone up!!
(I just couldn't put a screencap of Kate all sad and cold and post-bomb... It made me too depressed.)
*And for you Tibbs shippers:
Gibbs: My door's unlocked.
Tony: I know.


nicole said...

ok my two favorite quotes:
"Jane Doe remembers that she has an ugly coat like Kate's"
"Suzanne blows everyone up!!"
hahahahaha...classics and there are so many screencaps i don't know what to do!! :D

MormonLesbian said...

Well, did you see that jacket? I'd rather have my arm bitten off by a lion than have to wear that in public. Unless I were an 80 year old woman... even then...

nicole said...

it was pretty bad lol just wait till Bikini Wax after that, all is forgiven...

Dr. G said...

Ever since I watched this episode I couldn't wait for your recap and lovely screen caps! I saw the lesbian subtext immediately. I also think this episode shows how big a heart Kate has and how trusting she is and wants to see the good in everyone. I was so sad for Kate at the end and couldn't believe she blew them up! I so wanted Gibbs to give her a hug and take her home. I was laughing so hard at your Tibbs comments. I'm usually all for all kinds of slash pairings but it is hard to see anything but Kibbs when I watch my Kate Todd. I love starting my week with a Kate Todd post! Thanks!

Anne said...

LOL love this.

And OMG yes, she was the mother of evil April.

And yes, that coat is dreadful.