Monday, November 15, 2010

Kate Todd & Minimum Security

Okay, seriously, starting next week, my NCIS recaps will be getting better... Although I know you're only reading this for the screencaps ;)

I honestly don't remember much about this episode... I watched it like a month ago! And my notes for the episode were terrible! Seriously, next recaps will be so much better.
I do know there was some kind of terrorist somethin' somethin' and they went to Gitmo.

This chick is a lesbian. Well, she looks like it. When they first showed her in that outfit, I totally thought it was going to be her and Kate, not her and Tony.

Kate and Tony may or may not be arguing over who gets which bedroom here. I don't really remember. Anyway, they were arguing like siblings, not lovers.

Tony's naked! And Kate is hot!
Yes, I know that she wielded a gun in this scene, but you'll have to wait 'til my next Girls With Guns post for those screencaps :D

Gibbs sent Tony away and kept Kate behind for some "alone time."
Kate Todd is totally holding back a smile. She did fake that she was a little upset, but that was just for Tony. Gibbs likes keeping things on the d/l.

Kate Todd is a great profiler.
And smokin' hot.

Kate to Tony: "Women like making love in their own bed." Hmm... Kate knows what "women" like?
Tony says Kate is just projecting her own preferences onto all women. Well then, filing that information away for later...

Gibbs about sex: "Most women prefer their own beds."
And that's why it's Kibbs, not Tate.

Kate has Tony go sit and comfort the "only looks like a les" woman. Once again, sending Tony away for some Kibbs alone time.
Unfortunately, Gibbs says this: "Romance between agents, Kate. It never works."


nicole said...

i don't see Kate being a lesbian but i can appreciate that others might see her that way and i do enjoy the lesbian subtext that you point out, however; "Hmm... Kate knows what "women" like?" <i should hope she knows what women like, she is a woman! lol just because she knows what they like doesn't make her gay it makes sense...cause she's a woman.. but i do like what you are insinuating :)
i also like the whole "kate is a great profiler and smokin' hot" true :)
can't wait for more screencaps of her in girls with guns :)

MormonLesbian said...

I think she goes both ways. Her and Melora Hardin. And her with the other chick in the upcoming episode... Although I'll always ship Kibbs.
I did note how Tony said she was just projecting her own preferences as a woman onto all women. Which I find the best explanation, just BO-RING.

Make Way! for Kimmie the Nutter said...

LOL that was where they went under cover the one where they were fighting over the rooms...NCIS is not the same without her :/ the caps are awesome :D

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah, I don't plan on watching after Sasha leaves.

nicole said...

and then the actor playing McGee loses a whole bunch of wait and he looks all weird and skinny

Anonymous said...

Oh Kibbs how much I love you. I'm sure Gibbs only said that thing about agents because Tony was getting suspicious of all the time Gibbs was spending with Kate.

And that scene, with Kate in her pajamas and the gun? *dies of sexy*

Dr. G said...

I'm late to the Kate Todd post again! Your post is great as matter what you write it will be wonderful because of all the smoking pics and I love knowing that others are watching these six year old eps along with me. I made a comment the other day at work related to a NCIS ep and they said don't tell me about as they had not watched it yet. I then had to admit it was from way back on Season 1. We said the same thing as you on this one...I so thought Agent Cassidy was a lesbian and loved the vibe with her and Kate. But I sure do ship Kibbs. I still think it should turn out she is really alive and went undercover to keep their child safe and then they can sail away on his boat for the series finale. Keep up the Kate Todd posts!!

MormonLesbian said...

I like the way you think! Kate and Gibbs sailing off together... Love it.

Dr. G said...

Guess I had better start working on the fanfic then! I forgot to mention the cap of her in the USC top, underwear, and ruffled hair with the gun. Amazing! Would love to know whose decision it was regarding her wardrobe and think there was a scene missing as she and Gibbs went to get coffee in the kitchen.

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah, I wonder about who made that wardrobe choice too, as Sasha's alma mater is USC (Go Trojans!).