Friday, November 12, 2010

100th Post Spectacular!

Welcome to my 100th Post Spectacular (also known as: "The Longest Post of Your Life"... Seriously, get a snack and stay hydrated.)
Sorry, it's late. It took me forever, as I didn't think of what to do for my 100th post 'til after midnight yesterday.

I had no idea what to post today, but thanks to @negge577 and @Warrior__Queen, inspiration struck.
It was brought to my attention that I “have one of the biggest collections of screencaps known to civilization” (@Warrior__Queen, I love you!). This is true.
Question: Is it big enough? Answer: Never.

Anyhow, I was looking at my list of tagged people, specifically the number of times they have been tagged within my 100 posts of awesomeness. And to my delight, I had a Top Eleven.

So, join me on this journey of screencaps of my 11 Most Tagged Kick-Ass People. (Note: I was selective about the works I picked screencaps/screencapped from... based solely on availability to me)
(Second Note: Click the screencaps for the enlarged view!)

Julie Bowen
4 Tags
I’ll be honest, I don’t know how this happened. Don’t get me wrong, she’s fabulous, gorgeous, and I love her, but... Top 11? She is on an awesome show (Modern Family) and has probably been interviewed a million times, which is how she made it on this list. No complaints here! She’s hot. I remember seeing Happy Gilmore when it came out and my younger "straight" self, well, huge crush.

On Weeds, she was the cheese shop-owning MILF that everyone wanted to get with.
She picked the 17 year old boy, which is very suspect. But she's still hot.
Look at those arms.

Modern Family
Most people prefer Sofia Vergara, but I'm totally Team Bowen.
Seriously? Love her. (Sorry about the watermarks... I normally would have scrubbed them, but I just wanted to get this post out.)

Jane Lynch
4 Tags
Jane Lynch has done EVERYTHING. And she's a real life lesbian. I cut a ton of screencaps because this is already the longest post on earth.
She was on an episode of NewsRadio (I knew no one but me would be excited about that...). She's Spencer Reid's mom on Criminal Minds. She had an Asian slave on Desperate Housewives. She was Hot Chief's sister on Psych. She was a mole that didn't understand the concept of a blooper reel on Arrested Development.

Julie & Julia
She played Julia Child/Meryl Streep's sister.

What is more amazing than that?

Saturday Night Live
Jane Lynch was just on SNL this season... and was hilarious.
"Three strikes, you're gay!"

L Word
Joyce Wischnia... AMAZING and hilarious character.
She was doing this when we met her:
And some classic Joyce:

What would Glee be without Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester?
"Even your breath stinks of mediocrity... it's making me sick."

Stana Katic
4 Tags
Stana made the Top 11 because she knows how to use a gun.

She played some kind of hottie on Heroes...
All I know is that she's wearing a leather jacket.

Feast of Love
She was a lesbian that turns Selma Blair gay!
How awesome is that?

Oh, Beckett...
Kate Beckett...
She definitely does it for me.

Jill Bennett
4 Tags
Another real life lesbian! And so hot it hurts.
I love JB because of We're Getting Nowhere and 3 Way, but that wasn't going to happen screencap-wise.
Dante's Cove
So, I haven't seen this yet, but it's sitting in my Netflix queue. I don't care if it's crappy because there's Jill Bennett and I know there's quite a bit of this:

X's and O's
Jill Bennett plays a lesbian in love with her straight friend. Who's been there? ...

Sorry for the quality of these screencaps. I own this movie so I'm a little irritated that my DVD player didn't want to cooperate today.

And Then Came Lola
I blogged about this film awhile back... Still not a great film, but chock-full of hotties!

Dana Delany
4 Tags
I love Dana Delany. This is a woman that really just gets better with age.
Two of my favorite episodes of Castle.

L Word
Dana Delany was a senator in an open marriage that wanted to get with Bette (who could blame her).

Oh yeah, and this totally happened.

Kidnapped was a great show that no one watched. I only watched it for Dana Delany; however, there are quite a few other hot women in the show.

Desperate Housewives
Dana Delany is the only reason I started watching Desperate Housewives. And then I learned that it was a great show even before she came on as Katherine Mayfair.
Oh yeah, and she had that great lesbian storyline.

Although I would have preferred it to have been Bree and Katherine...

Tina Fey
5 Tags
Tina Fey is a genius. 30 Rock, SNL, Baby Mama, Mean Girls... Genius

Date Night
The best part of this movie were the bloopers at the end... It was embarrassing how loud I laughed.

Saturday Night Live
Remember when SNL was actually good... You know, when Tina Fey was still on.
"I don't know! Pew! Pew! Pew!"

30 Rock
This is why Tina Fey is amazing:

And four seasons later, I still ship this:

Julianne Moore
5 Tags
Another woman who just looks better with age.
The Hours
This film was amazing. And Julianne was too, as always.

I felt the story was predictable, but I wasn't watching it for the story...

A Single Man
I did cry a little when I saw this film. And seriously, the cinematography was gorgeous. As was Julianne.

30 Rock
LOVED her on 30 Rock. You don't even know.
And we all know that Jack would've picked JMoore if it weren't that sluttly Avery and her dumb baby.
I mean, seriously?

Sara Ramirez
11 Tags
Let's be honest, if it weren't for Calzona, Sara Ramirez would have zero tags. Not that she isn't a gorgeous woman with the whitest teeth ever (aside from Bon Jovi) because she is.

Law & Order: SVU
Sara was on two episodes of L&O SVU. One episode, she was a frumpy mother with a troubled son. The other, she was a prostitute. Well, she's got range, haha.

Grey's Anatomy
Oh, Calliope Torres...
I do love her character, honestly. She's funny, sassy, and awesome. But without Arizona... I wouldn't care about her.

Jessica Capshaw
28 Tags
I could spend the next year and a half talking about how adorabley gorgeous and amazing JCap is... but I won't. I honestly don't know how I went through so much of my life without Arizona Robbins in it. Luckily, that was remedied this year.
The Groomsmen
Honestly, I didn't watch this movie. I fast-forwarded to the parts with JCap.
Even though I didn't watch it, I can still say that, yes, JCap is too good for Jay Mohr.

Blind Trust
In this Lifetime movie, Jessica Capshaw made actuarial science sexy (P.S. You can watch this movie on YouTube in fairly decent quailty).

JCap plays the mother of Booth's child. And is hot.

L Word
Oh, Nadia... Bette Porter's dirty TA.
Wearing short skirts... My friend thought her wardrobe was inappropriate for being a TA. I said, "It would be inappropriate for her not to show off those legs."
And JCap is the only person that can this quickly go from this
to that.

Grey's Anatomy
I know it's only two weeks, but I already miss my favorite Peds surgeon.

Angie Harmon
34 Tags
If you don't know how I feel about Angie Harmon by now, you obviously haven't been paying attention. So gorgey.
Glass House: The Good Mother
Angie Harmon is crazy in this Lifetime movie. And crazy hot. (P.S. You can also watch this on YouTube)
And I just couldn't help myself here...

Law & Order
Oh, ADA Abbie Carmichael...
P.S. All of these screencaps are from SVU.

Women's Murder Club
Lindsay Boxer is no Jane Rizzoli, but she's still hot (obviously...)
And before there was Jane & Maura, there was Lindsay & Jill.
What can I say, Angie? You do lesbian subtext well.
And I love Laura Harris. Not so much with the short hair, but I love her.

Rizzoli & Isles
I don't know if you've heard of this show called Rizzoli & Isles... It's on TNT during the summer. It's about two lesbians trying to balance their romantic and work relationships. It's good. You should check it out.
Meet Detective Jane Rizzoli:
She'll kick your ass.

Sasha Alexander
60 Tags
This means that I have at least referenced Sasha in 60% of my posts. I think it's a combination of my own obsession with the fact that, shoot, I know what you guys want.
Before I get into the screencaps, let me share this little message from Sasha (By the way, don't judge me for this. Specifically those of you who know me in real life...)
So, I'm a loser and told Sasha that I was writing my 100th blogpost and that all y'all love her and asked if she had a message for you kids. She said:
You heard the woman, keep reading! ;)

Love Happens
So, Sasha has all of two seconds in the film... So, don't rent it! Just look at these screencaps:

I did already do a Sasha on House blogpost with more screencaps. Here are two that didn't make it in the first post:
The top cap is one of my my favorite screencaps of Sasha, if not my favorite.
And I couldn't resist posting this again:
Of course, House can't help but want to touch them, Nora. "'Cause they're good boobs!"

The Last Lullaby
This film is worth the buy. Before this, I thought film noir was dead.

Kate Todd...

Rizzoli & Isles
So, that show I was telling you about earlier... Sasha's in it too.
Meet Dr. Maura Isles:
She's smarter than you.

Thanks for sticking with me through this incredibly long post. I hope you enjoyed it!


notsure2010 said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!!

nicole said...

it was worth the wait!! i loved it :D lol
you're description of R&I is hilarious!! the best by far :)
you are the master of screencapping haha i am very impressed with the collection you've compiled and i'm so glad you're gay because if you weren't these would all be pics of men and that would be no fun.
and Sasha! 60?!? wow, last time i checked it was 48. although it is understandable cause she's pretty amazing lol OMG what are you gonna do when you get to you 100th post about Sasha?!?! :D jk i don't want to stress you out lol
this was great! lots of pretty pictures :) and thanks for the mention!! :D
keep blogging!!!!

Grey-Moi said...

Congrats on your 100th post! :D
i'm surprised you didnt reference Angie Harmon in Special Agent Cody Banks as the HOTT Ronica Miles.
if you don't know what im talkin about here's a link:

skip to 1:22.

Anonymous said...

Rizzoli & Isles? Never heard of it, :P lol Congrats on your 100th post, it's pretty epic! I really should check out some of Angie Harmon's stuff, only know her from L&O and R&I! And I didn't realise Sasha was in House? do you know which season that was? All these shows that I used to watch and I never knew the awesome Sasha was in it. *sigh* anyways,since this is ur 100th post, I'd like to thank you for blogging, for feeding my obsession and entertaining me daily :) And many more posts to come ;)

MormonLesbian said...

Thanks for reading, Team.
I didn't even think to check YouTube for Cody Banks. I only knew Glass House was on there because of Nicole. But yes... HOT.
Sasha was on House Season 6, Episode 11. It's a great episode. I downloaded it off of iTunes awhile back just to screencap it, haha.

Unbreakable said...

I really wish I had read your blog before I watched Love Happens. I stared my screen from way too close and for way too long in hope of catching a glimpse of Sasha. Well finally that's what I got. A glimpse.

I stumbled upon your blog today, and I think I read it somewhat through. Got some interesting ideas and very nice pics of very nice chicks. :P Especially I love your input on Rizzoli & Isles screen caps. They're awesome. Just too sweet. :)

Dr. G said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 100th post! I love that Sasha wrote back personally and thanks for entertaining all of us. I love all 11...such great screen caps! I was excited as I was reading it because I had no doubt who would be tagged the most and I love you for all the Sasha greatness! You know something else that is kind of neat...Jane Lynch played Gretchen's mom on Dawson's Creek. I about died when I saw her in the episode for Pacey's birthday party. That one was also the great stars-on-the-ceiling make out scene for Gretchen and Dawson. Thanks! Here is to 100 more!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100th post! I would write something more deep and meaningful, but I'm too busy drooling at all the hot women.

Doom Kitteh said...

I read this last night, or rather at 5am and was not about to try and use my phone to comment... lol

Hurray 100th post! And yay to moar awesome pictures.

And yay to not actually going to watch an entire movie to see Sasha... cuz I would have, but now I don't have to :D

And as much as I like Lindsay & Jill, I way more of a Lindsay & Cindy person xD .. or All three.. that one works waaaaay better. haha

I've also never watched Desperate Housewives... but now I kind of want to.

Make Way! for Kimmie the Nutter said...

hooray and congrats on your 100th post! good material...keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you quoted me. I was a great quote wasn't it?

I love every photo you posted. They are prefect and great and yay!

Here is to 1000 more blogs! Hip hip hoory!

MormonLesbian said...

Pretty much all of the women can be connected fairly easily in the "Six Degrees" game. But I didn't know that Jane Lynch was Gretchen's mom.

Lindsay & Cindy? I can see that. But with Jill... I just love Laura Harris. Yes, all three.

I love Desperate Housewives. So many hot women. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

And thanks for all y'all's comments, Team.