Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Morning Post

First off, Happy Holidays to Everyone! Bear with me the next couple of weeks. I'm at home and, well, I can't just sit in the living room next to my mom screencapping and looking for pictures of hot girls... just sayin'. However, I will have some posts over the hols! (I've been thinking about/working on my New Year's post for over a month now...)

Sunday, December 19
Today is Jennifer Beals's birthday!!!
Thank you, JBeals, for bringing us Bette Porter.
And for bringing me this:
(Oh, this is totally on my bulletin board [I made my mommy buy me the magazine]. I am so gay.)

Tuesday, December 21
*Katharine McPhee (hot girl from American Idol! seriously... when I was "straight," I was ridiculously in love with her and bought her not-so-great [possibly terrible...] first album. because I thought she was hot, no lie. But I thought aaalll straight girls did that...) will be on Regis & Kelly.
*In case you missed it or if you just want to see it again, the re-run of Portia De (hot lesbian!) talking about her memoir will be on Ellen (hot lesbian couple!). (P.S. I had to add the italics to 'Ellen' so you wouldn't watch thinking you'd be seeing Portia on Ellen... like ON HER, on her...)
*Emma Stone (hot redhead!) will be on Leno.
*Sofia Vergara (hot Latina!) will be on Letterman.
*Reese Witherspoon (hot blonde!) will be on Chelsea Lately.
(It's Reese and JCap!)

Wednesday, December 22
*It's @neggett's birthday! (P.S. If my post on Wednesday sucks... it's her fault. Jussayin')

Thursday, December 23
*Jane Lynch will be on The View!

Saturday, December 25
*Happy Christmas!!! I love all of you ladies (and boys)! Your awesomeness is the best gift ever!!!


nicole said...

heyyyyyy... ... wednesday's post is gonna be AWESOME because you're gonna write it :D see how i did that? i was being the bigger person :)

paul said...

OMG. do you like ana de la reguera. she is like my newest girl crush. y'know in addition to natalie portman who was my elementary school girl crush.

She was the nun in Nacho Libre.

why is she so awesome? if you click this its her pictures. :D

anyways she is in the new kahlua commercial which i love SO much more than the commercials with the aztec? mayans?

que deliciosa.

lol oh my god. once my mom was like Lets get kahlua! its one of those things I'll never be able to take seriously. like when my mom makes sex jokes with the other adults.


Doom Kitteh said...

Not gunna lie, I didn't actually think JBeals was all that sexy until I saw her cry in some random Christmas movie >_>;(It may "help" that statement to say I've never seen more than 6 episodes of The L Word either...)

Woo! Emma Stone!!! She's so the reason I watch Easy A at least once a week.. xD Ok that might be slightly exaggerated... but not by much.

MormonLesbian said...

@Paul Ooh, she is hot!

@Doom Kitteh JBeals is SLAMMIN' HOT and badass and totally HBIC in the L Word... Like, whoa.