Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mormons Do It Better, Part II

Most people know that the founder of Marriot Hotels is Mormon because there's usually a Book of Mormon in the nightstand... And that the ho who wrote Twilight is too. But did you know that a Mormon (Lester Wire) invented the traffic light? Also, the co-founder of Pixar... Mormon. Without a Mormon (Philo T. Farnsworth), we wouldn't have televisions or video cameras, or over 300 other things he patented in his lifetime. R. Adams Cowley, M.D. (a pioneer in trauma medicine [Owen Hunt!!!] and a Mormon) was the first on record to perform open-heart surgery, invented a surgical clamp, and a pacemaker used by President Eisenhower. And the guy who co-developed the first real-time computerized heart monitor and who invented the disposable paper surgical mask, the plastic venous catheter, and a blood recycling system for trauma and surgical procedures (along with 40 or so other medical inventions)? Mormon.
Basically, Grey's Anatomy wouldn't be what it is without Mormons.

But who cares about that... They're boys...

Gladys Knight
Um, she's amazing.
And she converted to Mormonism.

And we have now entered the American Idol/So You Think You Can Dance portion of this post... (Even if you don't watch, stick around for the pics/songs/videos)

Brooke White
Brooke White was on the David Cook/Archuleta season.

Yes, I totally picked this song because I'm Asian...

Heidi Groskreutz
It's Mormon Benji (Winner of his season) Schwimmer's cousin from So You Think You Can Dance! And she was on Benji's season.

She's actually a ballroom dancer, but this contemporary was brill. And so was she... and Travis.

Lacey Schwimmer
It's Benji's sister!
She was on SYTYCD the year of Sabra (who was brilliant... I mean, her and Neil doing the jazz routine to "Sweet Dreams"? Amazing.) And she's on Dancing With the Stars.

So, she's also really a ballroom dancer, but... amazing.

Chelsie Hightower
She was on the season of SYTYCD where Joshua won. Or as I call it: the Season of Mother Effing Mark Kanemura (lahv him like you don't even know). And now she's on Dancing With the Stars as well.

She does nothing for me, but I love this dance, the choreography, Mark, and the choreographers (NappyTabs). But yeah, another ballroom dancer that can do more than just ballroom. (And yes, Mormons love ballroom dancing.)


nicole said...

i know none of these people... but YAY for being mormon! :D

MormonLesbian said...

You know Gladys Knight though... right? RIGHT? Gladys Knight & the Pips... Midnight Train to Georgia...

paul said...

did i mention i'm one of those gaysians who are pretty much black girls.

i watched i can do bad all by myself and gladys knight randomly broke it down at the club.

OOH sista i want some of yo chiken and waffles. and by some, i mean i'm going to go precious and steal me a bucket.

in other news. i want to watch precious but i can't survive it alone. lets watch precious together and we will be precious friends.

MormonLesbian said...

Ooh, I'm a gaysian that's pretty much Latina. Like I had a Hispanic/Pee-lee-pee-no roommate, and shoot, I speak way more Spanish than that beezy.

"Going to go precious and steal me a bucket" hahaha love you.

paul said...

Sheesh what a beezy.

PS you should do a ballroom class. SO WE CAN HAVE A CLASS TOGETHER.