Monday, December 13, 2010

Kate Todd's "Other Left Foot"

Quick Notes: It's finals week, so I may or may not be posting this week. But, check anyway!
Also, next Monday may or may not be a Kate Todd post... I have the new NCIS disc, but who knows if I'll have time to screencap this week...

Let's get real, if you want a recap of what happened in the episode... go to Wikipedia or IMDB.
If you just want some Kibbs subtext and Kate Todd hotness, keep reading :D

*I'll be honest, I kind of don't know what happened in this episode. People killed someone to get the life insurance/inheritance/something. Then the guy in the couple freaked out about it, so they killed him too. Something like that happened...

*Someone stood up Kate Todd for a date... ?!?!
I don't care if you have a surgery to perform! Shoot, I don't care if you're the one going under the knife... Priorities, people! Yeah, this show is definitely fictional...

*Tony says a tattoo means a woman is up for anything.
Kate: You think I'm up for anything.
MormonLesbian: Please, God, yes!
Tony: Where is it?
Kate: Nowhere you will ever see.
MormonLesbian: Oh... my... I definitely need to see this.

*Tony, like me, is a teen-aged boy and needs to know all about Kate's tattoo.
Tony: Is it on your butt? It's a butterfly, isn't it? You see like a butterfly kind of girl.
Kate: Yeah, it's a butterfly on my hip.
*Tony: So, if it's not a heart...
Kate: It's a rose. On my butt. Can we move on now?
MormonLesbian: No! We can't move on! Tony! We need proof! I mean... what...? I'm not a creeper...

*Tony: Kate, what cheek is it on? Abbs, do you know where Kate has her tat?
Abby: Yeah!

*Lady: Hi. Can I help you?
Gibbs: You already have.
Kate & MormonLesbian: WTF?! Don't look at this strung-out ho!

*Even more WTF! Gibbs... flirting...?! With... her?!

*Gibbs is off flirting with the slut (who is not even a hot redhead, by the way... which is hard to do!)
Gibbs: I like your tattoo.
Again: WTF?!
Kate is snooping through her house and is as almost disgusted as I am.

*Slut: This may sound terrible, but I hope your case is tied to Tom.
Gibbs: Why?
Slut: Because I'm a dirty slut... And then I wouldn't need an excuse to see you. (Okay, she didn't actually say the first part...)Kate & MormonLesbian: Someone needs to slap this girl. (Okay, only I said that, but Kate's face said it too...)

*Kate's happy that the ginger slut might be evil. (So, I had another set of screencaps that could have been where Kate was happy that the ginger might be evil, but I couldn’t remember which scene it was... But her face is just a tiny bit more adorable in this set...)

*So, the random old doctor lady is the slutty redhead's mother. And she slaps that redheaded beezy!
Kate Todd wishes she had gotten to do that. But she is still satisfied that the redhead did end up getting slapped.

*Gibbs: Any more tattoos?
Tony: Just the rose on Kate's butt.
Gibbs: It's not a rose.
MormonLesbian and all of the other Kibbs shippers: !!!!!!!!
(You definitely need to click to enlarge this set for the priceless reactions of everyone... Gold.)


nicole said...

haha i forgot to look at the screencaps because what you were writing was SUPER funny :D i had to go back and look at them after i finished reading!
this post was definitely worth the wait :)
oh i also had no idea what was going on in this ep, it was very confusing...

MormonLesbian said...

That is seriously the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! Oh, wait... I take that back or it makes my life sound really sad... hahaha

Dr. G said...

I'm behind on my posts again but was very excited to see this Kate Todd a cap screen cap is always good! :) I still have ten episodes to watch in Season 2 but have started re-watching the first season. I missed a lot of subtle Kibbs interaction in my first round of viewing and LOVE this ep just for Gibb's line about her tat and all it implies! Oh...can't wait until you see Kate working with Maura's father in a later episode. Thanks as always!

Anne said...

Oh Gibbs and Kate's tattoo. One of the best Kibbs moments ever.

We never did accurately find out what in fact that tattoo is...or where it is...

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah... I wish we had gotten to see that... ;)

twenty six letters said...

"It's not a rose" = one of the best NCIS moments ever. EVER.

I'm a Gibbs girl rather than a Kate girl, but I adore them together. <3

flootzavut said...

I'm a hopeless Kibbs shipper and it's not a rose is one of those scenes I laugh at every time. Gibbs' little smile... He totally knows... Exactly how he knows varies in my headcanon by my mood. Sometimes it's because he has seen/touched/licked it during hot and sweaty sex with Kate, other times it was an accident or a serendipitous moment, but I will never surrender, he KNOWS.